Developed from the guides in Canoeist, this book is similar in format to the best selling Canals of Britain.

Featured are the tidal sections of rivers, estuaries, tideways, havens, sea lochs, firths and kyles, an amazingly varied range of waters.

Covering well known tidal rivers, the picturesque, the industrial and small rivers off the beaten track, this book looks at the navigation aspects of waters which often get overlooked, especially if they have challenging conditions. Yet they teem with wildlife, are steeped in history, have dramatic engineering and stunning architecture and are when inland rivers morph into the open sea. Of necessity they have been used by invaders and traders since the mists of time. Here are folklore, places of interest, waterside pubs, villages, towns and cities and navigation features from rapids and weirs to vast open reaches of water, from Carrick Roads to the Kyle of Sutherland.

Size A4

304 pages

70 maps

716 photographs

Soft cover

978 1 4081 4656 9

1st edition 2012

In ePub and PDF eBook formats, £22.50

‘New books on rivers keep surfacing but here is an ambitious volume that stands firmly on its own... it transcends the conventional temptation to be pigeonholed.’ - Peter Faulkner, BBC Countryfile

‘as a reference book, it is unmatched’ - Kensington & Chelsea Today

‘there are some absolute gems to be found in Fisher’s knowledgeable and eclectic commentaries... an interesting reference work for anyone who enjoys paddling in or walking alongside Britain’s great waterways.’ - Lakeland Walker

‘this book thinks out of the box... an impressive and colourful coffee table read.’ - Stephen Sinfield, Burton Mail

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