From Berwick to the Solway, from the clear blue waters of Cornish bays to the tempestuous seas around rugged Pembrokeshire headlands, Coastal Britain journeys around the varied shorelines of England & Wales.

From remote countryside to modern cities, through industrial hubs to fishing villages that have remained largely untouched for centuries, Coastal Britain visits all the places of interest along the entire coastline, exploring history and heritage, striking architecture and engineering, wonderful flora and fauna, on the way delving into art, relevant literature and culture. With maps and evocative photography, local brews to artefacts, nautical conditions and features that help convey the character of each area, Coastal Britain presents the array of facets that make each stretch of shoreline special.

Size A4

336 pages

658 photographs

61 maps

Soft cover

978 1 4729 5869 3

1st edition 2019

Price £25.00

Also in ePUB and PDF eBook formats, £20.00

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