Abhorrent torrents, 10/xii/10

Access and environment, 06/i/10, 06/vii/12, 06/xi/10, 07/vi/18, 08/vi/16, 09/iv/17, 10/i/11, 10/xii/12,
11/xii/17, 12/xi/14, 13/xi/16, 14/xi/ 16, 15/v/16, 16/v/12, 16/xi/11, 17/v/15, 17/xi/11, 18/v/18,
18/xi/12, 19/v/15, 19/xi/12, 20/v/11

Alien invaders, 09/iv/66

Alternative technology, 06/i/31

Angling on the Tay at Stanley, 09/iv/44

Angus explored, 06/xi/74

Antiques Rollshow in the Alps, The [French Alps], 08/vi/38

Around Alaska, 20/v//16

Avoid trampling river gravel, 10/xi/23

Back then, 06/i/84, 06/vii/78, 06/xi/79, 07/vi/77, 08/vi/82, 09/iv/83, 10/i/82, 10/xii/80, 11/xii/81,
12/xi/93, 13/xi/91, 14/xi/90, 15/v/63, 15/xii/32, 16/v/51, 16/xi/79, 17/v/75, 17/xi/91, 18/v/67,
18/xi/95, 19/v/61, 19/xi/99, 20/v/46

Beale Park Boat Show, 06/vii/62, 08/vi/34, 09/iv/42, 10/i/36, 11/xii/40

Big fib, The, 19/v/6

Books, 06/i/32/ 06/vii/36, 06/xi/28, 07/vi/48, 08/vi/40, 09/iv/46, 10/i/45,10/xii/49, 11/xii/57, 12/xi/43, 13/xi/59 14/xi/35, 15/v/39, 15/xii/41, 16/v/35, 16/xi/36, 17/v/51, 17/xi/14, 18/v/64, 18/xi/29,
19/v/35, 19/xi/39, 20/v/40

Buoyancy point of view, 20/v/38

Byde your time, 08/vi/24, 09/iv/25, 10/xii/4, 11/xii/4, 12/xi/4, 16/v/11, 16/xi/35, 18/v/17, 18/xi/95, 19/v/46

Calendar, 06/i/4, 06/vii/4, 06/xi/4, 07/vi/4, 08/vi/4, 09/iv/4, 10/i/4, 10/xii/4, 11/xii/4, 12/xi/5, 13/xi/6, 14/xi/6, 15/v/4, 15/xii/4, 16/v/4, 16/xi/4, 17/v/4, 17/xi/4, 18/v/4, 18/xi/4, 19/v/4, 19/xi/4, 20/v/4

Canoeing down the Kunene, 16/v/22

Canoeing is just great, 16/xi/79

Canoeing on show, 10/xii/42

Canoening [Umea], 11/xii/22

Changed priorities, 17/xi/6

Choice, 19/v/42

Cinderella and the Pied Piper [Weser], 19/v/18

Club news, 15/xii/14, 16/v/11, 16/xi/26, 17/xi/22

Club newsletters, 11/xii/6

Competition, 06/i/54, 06/vii/66, 06/3 xi/48, 07/vi/72, 08/vi/58, 09/iv/73, 10/i/60, 10/xii/58, 11/xii/66, 12/xi/59, 13/xi/65, 14/xi/53, 15/v/48, 15/xii/48, 16/v/41, 16/xi/38, 17/v/57, 17/xi/32, 18/v/41,
18/xi/34, 19/v/50, 19/xi/42, 20/v/46

Bell boat racing, 06/xi/55

Dragon Boat Racing, 09/iv/73, 12/xi/76, 15/xii/86, 17/v/71, 17/xi/88, 19/v/50, 19/xi/96

Freestyle, 06/i/82, 06/xi/49, 07/vi/73, 09/iv/79, 10/i/66, 11/xii/70, 13/xi/79, 16/xi/72, 17/xi/82,
18/v/50, 18/xi/91, 19/xi/71

Lifeguarding, 06/xi/68, 10/i/78

Marathon, 06/i/56, 06/vii/68, 06/xi/58, 08/vi/61, 10/i/72, 10/xii/58, 11/xii/66, 12/xi/82, 13/xi/65,
14/xi/53, 15/v/51, 15/xii/48, 16/v/41, 16/xi/56, 17/v/62, 17/xi/32, 18/v/21, 18/xi/34, 19/v/52,

Multisport, 06/i80, 06/xi/67, 08/vi/79, 10/xii/78, 11/xii/79, 12/xi/87, 13/xi/83, 14/xi/78, 15/xii/74,
16/xi/62, 17/v/70, 17/xi/69, 18/v/52, 18/xi/83, 19/xi/84

Polo, 06/i/74, 06/vii/67, 06/xi/57, 10/i/81, 10/xii/78, 14/i/83, 15/xii/84, 16/xi/61, 17/xi/85, 18/xi/77,

Sailing, 06/i/66, 06/vii/74, 06/xi/64, 10/xii/78, 13/xi/89, 14/xi/77, 15/v/62, 15/xii/82, 16/xi/68,
17/xi/78, 18/xi/93, 19/xi/90

Slalom, 06/i/58, 06/vii/74, 06/xi/48, 07/vi/72, 08/vi/77, 10/i/60, 10/xii/64, 11/xii/67, 12/xi/59,
13/xi/76, 14/xi/62, 15/v/48, 15/xii/53, 16/xi/38, 17/xi/41, 18/v/54, 18/xi/42, 19/xi/51

Sprint, 06/i/61, 06/vii/71, 06/xi/56, 07/vi/73, 08/vi/69, 10/i/68, 10/xii/71, 11/xii/72, 12/xi/77,
13/xi/80, 14/xi/69, 15/xii/63, 16/xi/46, 17/xi/53, 18/xi/59, 19/xi/73

Surfing, 06/i/54, 08/vi/58, 10/i/69

Wild water racing, 06/i/65, 06/vii/78, 06/xi/50, 10/i/70, 10/xii/69, 12/xi/76, 16/xi/70, 17/v/57,
17/xi/52, 18/xi/56, 19/xi/68

Complete descent of the incomplete Werra, A, 19/v/22

Crazy Day on the Spey 11/xii/36

Crossword, 07/vi/76, 08/vi/81

Day in the rain, A, [Liamone], 16/xi/14

Designing for the Darkside, 19/v/47

Did I mention the rain?, 10/xii/48

Do you know?, 06/i/38, 06/vii/78, 06/xi/45, 08/vi/25, 09/vi/82, 10/i/55, 10/xii/23, 11/xii/35, 12/xi/17, 14/xi/90, 15/v/63, 17/v/35, 18/5/6, 18/xi/17

Dratsies, bonxies and a twerp [Shetland], 13/xi/20

Dugout racing on Lake Malawi, 13/xi/90


‘Air, land and sea-based exploits’, 12/xii/7

Any department but DEFRA, 07/vi/5

Brownfield site, The, 16/xi/6

Case against the Paralympics, 12/xi/4

Coverage of freestyle and others, 19/v/7

Date of Easter, The, 16/v/6

Decade later, A, 15/v/8

Devaluation, 19/xi/6

Doing the right thing, 09/iv/5

Down on the farm, 11/xii/5

Downward spiral, The, 17/v/7

Environmentalists against the public, 13/xi/4

Fair starts, 14/xi/4

Is street crime our fault? 08/vi/5

Kayak chavs, 07/vi/5

Level playing field, A, 18/v/7

Life after the EU, 14/xi/4

Living in interesting times, 06/i/5

Mutual election apathy, 15/v/8

Not as it used to be, 15/xii/7

Olympic wooden spoon performance, 20/v/7

Our diamond jubilee, 13/xi/4

Profits first, 06/vii/5

Reaching for the stars, 10/xii/5

Route to the top & beyond, The, 17/xi/6

Sh... you know who, 18/v/7

Spinning the figures, 10/i/5

Transparency, 19/xi/6

Unexpected pleasure, 12/xi/4

Very sick society, 10/i/5

We have our reservations, 06/x/5

What is that? 20/v/7

What joined up Government? 08/vi/5

What’s in a name (or logo)? 18/xi/6

When in Rome, 15/xii/7

WWR medallists, 16/xi/6

End to End, 06/xi/46

Eureka! 06/i/26, 06/vii/30, 06/xi/24, 07/vi/34, 08/vi/28, 09/iv/33, 10/i/24, 10/xii/27, 11/xii/24,
12/xi/27, 13/xi/26, 14/xi/42, 15/v/19, 16/v/15, 16/xi/16, 17/v/22, 17/xi/13, 18/v/22, 18/xxi/31,
19/v/26, 19/xi/24, 20/v/29

Exercise Northern Descent [Spanish Pyrenees], 08/vi/26

Falmouth 60 years later, 15/xii/45

Fifty years of providing shelter in remote places, 15/xii/40

Films, 06/vii/46, 06/xi/31, 07/vi/78, 08/vi/49, 09/iv/65, 10/i/53, 10/xii/48, 11/xii/65, 12/xi/52,
13/xi/64, 14/xi/39, 15/xii/44, 17/v/55, 18/xi/30, 19/v/38, 20/v/15

Finding the source [Thames], 13/xi/42

First time [Dalsland], 06/ii/42

Free competition, 13/xi/5

Getting back to basics [Jämtland], 07/vi/24

Getting wet, 06/vii/77

GAFIRS receive BCU Lifeguards Achievement Award, 13/xi/35

Gourmet canoeing [Wey Navigation/Thames], 09/iv/26

Great support by Herts Canoe Lifeguards, 10/i/23

Greenland paddles, 10/i/56


Canal d’Ille & Rance - Ille Rivière End, 10/i/39

Canal d’Ille & Rance - Rance Fleuve End, 12/xi/35

Grand Canal (Barrow Line), 15/v/31

Grand Canal (Naas & Corbally Branch), 16/xi/29

Grand Union Canal - Chilterns Section, 07/vi/61

Grand Union Canal - Northamptonshire Section, 06/i/39

Isle of Bute - East Coast, 17/xi/19

Isle of Bute - West Coast, 19/v/31

Isle of Skye - East Skye Coast, 16/v/29

Isle of Skye - Little Minch Coast, 11/xii/49

Isle of Skye - Sea of the Hebrides Coast, 09/iv/67

Isle of Skye - Sound of Raasay Coast, 14/xi/ 28

Isle of Skye - Southwest Coast, 06/xi/35

Lochar Water, 10/xii/45

Loch Goil, 17/v/45

Loch Harport, 15/xii/33

Loch Hourn, 13/xi/55

Loch Morar, 18/xi/21

River Ayr - East Ayrshire End, 06/vii/46

River Ayr - South Ayrshire End, 08/vi/51

River Carron, 20/v/21

Royal Canal - Co Longford End, 18/v/33

Royal Canal - Co Westmeath Section, 19/xi/31

Holiday, 11/xii/30, 13/xi/30, 14/xi/47, 15/xii/26, 17/v/25, 18/v/24, 19/v/28

How it all started 19/xi/15

Hydraulic jump and the swimmer, The, 18/xi/18

Incident file, 06/i/15, 06/vii/17, 06/xi/17, 07/vi/23, 08/vi/24, 09/iv/24, 10/i/11, 10/xii/411/xii/21,
12/xi/16, 13/xi/19, 14/xi/21, 15/v/18, 16/v/14, 16/xi/10, 17/v/17, 17/xi/12, 18/v/19, 18/xi/14,
19/xi/15, 20/v/14

Independent lifeboats, 13/xi/25

ISKA statement, 10/xii/5

In the beginning, 06/i/50

In the Celestial Kingdom [Lamma], 11/xii/29

Joining up the dots [Thames], 13/xi/44

Just a thought, 19/xi/5

Krishna River by open canoe, 06/vii/20

Lapita Voyage, 09/iv/58

Letters, 06/i/30, 06/vii/42, 06/xi/32, 07/vi/71, 08/vi/6, 09/iv/32, 10/i/11, 12/xi/31, 13/xi/15, 16/xi/15, 17/v/6, 19/v/25, 19/xi/15, 20/v/6

Lewis & Clark bicentenary, The, 06/vii/64

Light, strong and beautiful, 19/v/39

Lisbon Treaty & sport, 10/i/4

Lone canoeist, The, 16/v/36

Longest journey in the British Isles, 10/i/31

Love it, 17/v/7, 20/v/6

Low key on the sea, 11/xii/29

Magna Carta 800th anniversary, 15/xii/6

Medieval right of navigation, The, 17/v/40

Meer cat crossing [North Sea and Ijsselmeer], 06/iv/58

Menorca, a return journey, 17/xi/16

Mermaid, The, 15/v/7


Best could have been even better, The [Skye], 17/v/29

Close encounter [San Francisco Bay], 14/xi/5

Devilishly fast [Devil’s Water], 10/i/55

Good read, A, 10/xii/57

Old attitudes, 19/xi/41

Right answer, wrong working, 19/v/25

Surreal and unlikely, 12/xi/58

Naming of rivers [Rae], 10/xii/38

National Coastwatch Institution, 14/xi/40

On show, 12/xi/32, 13/xi/28, 14/xi/46, 15/v/22, 15/xii/24, 16/v/20, 16/xi/21, 17/v/30, 18/v/30,

Open letter to Michael Gove, An, 18/xi/15

Oronsay, 15/xii/39

Paddling alone, 13/xi/5

Paddling for PSP, 12/xi/17

Paddling with the sun on your back, 17/v/56

Parting shots, 14/xi/96, 19/v/62

Pembrokeshire summer, 06/i/16

Pod which worked, 11/xii/80

Polo rule changes, 09/iv/45

Potential ban on Norwegian rivers due to salmon parasite, 06/vii/76

Prince William Sound in the rain, 10/xii/24

Queer hotch-potch, 10/xii/23

Raasay & Rona

Hebridean Gold, 10/i/20

Snerdlers in the Western Isles, 10/i/16

Recipe for real adventure [High Atlas], 06/xi/18

Rescue, 17/v/36

Round Japan Kayak EXpedition, The, 19/xi/19

Scoop, 13/xi/12, 14/xi/12, 15/xii/12

Searching for the Finmen, 14/xi/ 26

Segre Olympic Park, 10/xii/37

Setting out across British Columbia [Columbia R], 19/xi/28

Severn, source to sea, The, 17/xi/27

Sit on canoes, 12/xi/51

Sixty years on [North Atlantic], 19/xi/7

Sort of a Scout canoe, 16/v/38, 16/xi/76, 17/v/38

So you want to enter a surf kayak contest? 06/vii/44

Storming the Adriatic, 07/vi/52

Summer time and the living is easy [Summer Isles], 15/v/24

Swiss memories, 17/v/18

Table top cedar strip construction, 18/v/20

Teaching canoeing in Moldova, 13/xi/36

Ten top tips for fundraising, 16/xi/25

Ten weeks on the Mackenzie, 12/xi/18


Aquapac 098 iPhone case - Smaller drybag for smart phones, 12/xi/34

Aquapac PackDividers Drysacks - Keeping your valuables apart, 13/xi/41

Aquapac Upano Waterproof Duffel - Rugged multiuse waterproof bag, 13/xi/41

Aquapac Wet & Dry Back Pack - Multiple choice back pack, 14/xi/ 20

BackBliss - Reaching the parts others cannot, 08/vi/50

Columbia River Knife & Tool ER, 15/xii/47

Denko Pakpak - This waterproof wallet just shouldn’t work, 06/i/30

Helly Hansen Life - The next generation of Hellys, 06/vii/35

Infield Sportline - Safety and comfort take priority, 08/vi/50

Keen McKenzie and Owyhee - Rugged and comfortable, 11/xii/48

Mammut T-Trail + Ambient Light Dry Bag - Greater than the sum of its parts, 12/xi/34

Nauticalia Combination Padlock - Self illuminating combination padlock, 06/vii/34

Nikwax Sandal Wash - Removing what you can’t see, 14/xi/20

OverBoard Classic Waterproof Backpack, 15/xii/47

Páramo Mountain Pull-On - Fleece as soft as it comes, 06/vii/34

RUK Wall Slings and Wall Brackets - Keeping your boats tidy, 13/xi/40

Silicon Rescue Tape - A new kind of repair tape, 09/iv/32

Surviva Jak - Getting youself out of trouble, 10/xii/55

Teva Terra Fi 4 and Original Universe - A way of life in the summer, 14/xi/21

Yak High Back 60N - Keeping cool and safe, 17/v/21

Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate - Warm and light base layer, 19/v/45

Ticks can kill, 10/i/54

Tidal constants, 16/v/37

Tidal Rance, 13/xi/35

Touring, 06/i/47, 06/vii/52, 07/vi/40, 08/vi/36, 09/iv/45, 10/i/32, 10/xii/56, 11/xii/65, 13/xi/50,
14/xi/23, 15/v/44, 15/xii/46, 16/v/28, 16/xi/24, 18/v/32

Touring floats, 17/v/32

Travels of the UK Kayak Rapid Response Unit [Sutlej and Chandra Rivers], 06/vii/57

True cost of Olympic medals, 06/i/52

Undercurrents, 06/i/6, 06/vii/6, 06/xii/6, 07/vi/6, 08/vi/8, 09/iv/6, 10/i/6, 10/xii/6, 11/xii/8, 12/xi/6, 13/xi/8, 14/xi/8, 15/v/9, 15/xii/8, 16/v/7, 16/xi/7, 17/v/8, 17/xi/7, 18/v/8, 18/xi/7, 19/v/8, 19/xi/8, 20/v/8

Unfinished business [Wye], 07/vi/44

Up the creek, 06/i/7, 06/vii/11, 06/xi/9, 07/vi/5, 08/vi/12, 09/ iv/12, 10/i/11, 10/xii/10

Weather to go, 17/xi/25

What a summer, 18/xi/30

What were they doing?, 15/xii/6

Why French canoeing is much better, 06/vii/51

Wildlife watching in Cardigan Bay 15/v/46

Wild water racing revamped, 12/xi/56

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