Based on the acclaimed canal guide series in
Canoeist, this is a comprehensive and absorbing survey of Britain’s canal network and provides a fascinating insight into the linked up waterways as well as the isolated cuts and quiet waters which may not be navigable by larger craft.
From Tiverton Basin on the Grand Western Canal to the Beauly Firth at the end of the Caledonian Canal, Britain has a unique canal network. Infinitely varied, it passes picturesque open countryside, wild moorland, coastal harbours, historic industrial buildings, modern city centres, canalside public houses and abundant wildlife. Every aspect of the canals is examined, their construction, rich history, stunning scenery, heritage, incredible engineering, impressive architecture and even their associated folklore, wildlife and art. Enticing photographs give a flavour of each place and places of interest close to the canals are included.
This second edition is updated and expanded, including additional canals and featuring stunning new photography. Packed with maps and fascinating text, it is an attractive, inspiring and practical guide for boaters, walkers, bikers, holidaymakers, riders and everyone else who uses the canals and towpaths throughout the year.

Size A4

336 pages

65 maps

1,026 photographs

Soft cover

978 1 4081 8195 9

2nd edition December 2012

Price £25.00

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Reviews of second edition:

‘A must for any waterway user’s bookcase... fascinating and comprehensive... provides a unique insight into the linked up waterways as well as the isolated cuts and quiet waters which may not be navigable by larger craft. Author Stuart Fisher... passes on his unique fund of knowledge in this excellent book.’ -
Gay Armstrong, Towpath Talk

‘not only covers all the main canals of the navigable network but several isolated and under-restoration routes of interest’ - Canal Boat

‘this is no mere travelogue... there is much to enjoy, notably some excellent photography and a number of fascinating historical anecdotes - Keith Goss, Waterways World

‘The saying that you can’t tell a book by its cover is certainly not true in the case of... Canals of Britain, a Comprehensive Guide, for it genuinely lives up to its name... most comprehensively and imaginatively illustrated. As well as having photographs showing the geographical locality, each chapter is illustrated with pictures of points of special interest... Stuart Fisher travelled each of the canals... to reach less-accessible destinations, and... has produced this extremely useful updated version.’ - Elizabeth Rogers, Towpath Talk

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The Canal Guide
is a compact edition presenting 50 of the most accessible canals attractively with selected pictures and descriptions.

Size 240 x 160mm

336 pages

Soft cover

978 1 4729 1852 9

1st edition March 2015

Price £14.99