2006 - 18
Abhorrent torrents, 10/xii/10
Access and environment, 06/i/10, 06/vii/12, 06/xi/10, 07/vi/18, 08/vi/16, 09/iv/17, 10/i/11, xii/12, 11/xii/17, 12/xi/14, 13/xi/16, 14/xi/16, 15/v/16, 16/v/12, 16/xi/11, 17/v/15, 17/xi/11, 18/v/18, 18/xi/12, 19/v/15
Alien invaders, 09/iv/66
Alternative technology, 06/i/31
Angling on the Tay at Stanley, 09/iv/44
Angus explored, 06/xi/74
Antiques Rollshow in the Alps, The [French Alps], 08/vi/38
Avoid trampling river gravel, 10/xi/23
Back then, 06/i/84, 06/vii/78, 06/xi/79, 07/vi/77, 08/vi/82, 09/iv/83, 10/i/82, 10/xii/80, 11/xii/81, 12/xi/93, 13/xi/91, 14/xi/90, 15/v/63, 15/xii/32, 16/v/51, 16/xi/79, 17/v/75, 17/xi/91, 18/v/67, 10/xii/80, 11/xii/81, 12/xi/93, 13/xi/91, 14/xi/90, 15/v/63, 15/xii/32, 16/v/51, 16/xi/79, 17/v/75, 17/xi/91, 18/v/67, 18/xi/95, 19/v/61
Beale Park Boat Show, 06/vii/62, 08/vi/34, 09/iv/42, 10/i/36, 11/xii/40
Big fib, The, 19/v/6
Books, 06/i/32/ 06/vii/36, 06/xi/28, 07/vi/48, 08/vi/40, 09/iv/46, 10/i/45, 10/xii/49, 11/xii/57, 12/xi/43, 13/xi/59 14/xi/35, 15/v/39, 15/xii/41, 16/v/35, 16/xi/36, 17/v/51, 17/xi/14, 18/v/64, 18/xi/29, 19/v/35
Byde your time, 08/vi/24, 09/iv/25, 10/xii/4, 11/xii/4, 12/xi/4, 16/v/11, 16/xi/35, 18/v/17, 18/xi/95, 19/v/46
Calendar, 06/i/4, 06/vii/4, 06/xi/4, 07/vi/4, 08/vi/4, 09/iv/4, 10/i/4, 10/xii/4, 11/xii/4, 12/xi/5,13/xi/6, 14/xi/6, 15/v/4, 15/xii/4, 16/v/4, 16/xi/4, 17/v/4, 17/xi/4, 18/v/4, 18/xi/4, 19/v/4
Canoeing down the Kunene, 16/v/22
Canoeing is just great, 16/xi/79
Canoeing on show, 10/xii/42
Canoening [Umea], 11/xii/22
Changed priorities, 17/xi/6
Choice, 19/v/42
Cinderella and the Pied Piper [Weser], 19/v/18
Club news, 15/xii/14, 16/v/11, 16/xi/26, 17/xi/22
Club newsletters, 11/xii/6
Competition, 06/i/54, 06/vii/66, 06/3 xi/48, 07/vi/72, 08/vi/58, 09/iv/73, 10/i/60, 10/xii/58, 11/xii/66, 12/xi/59, 13/xi/65, 14/xi/53, 15/v/48, 15/xii/48, 16/v/41, 16/xi/38, 17/v/57, 17/xi/32, 18/v/41, 18/xi/34, 19/v/50
Bell boat racing, 06/xi/55
Dragon Boat Racing, 09/iv/73, 12/xi/76, 15/xii/86, 17/v/71, 17/xi/88, 19/v/50
Freestyle, 06/i/82, 06/xi/49, 07/vi/73, 09/iv/79, 10/i/66, 11/xii/70, 13/xi/79, 16/xi/72, 17/xi/82, 18/v/50, 18/xi/91
Lifeguarding, 06/xi/68, 10/i/78
Marathon, 06/i/56, 06/vii/68, 06/xi/58, 08/vi/61, 10/i/72, 10/xii/58,11/xii/66, 12/xi/82, 13/xi/65, 14/xi/53, 15/v/51, 15/xii/48, 19/v/52
16/v/41,16/xi/56, 17/v/62, 17/xi/32, 18/v/21, 18/xi/34
Multisport, 06/i80, 06/xi/67, 08/vi/79, 10/xii/78, 11/xii/79, 12/xi/87,13/xi/83, 14/xi/78, 15/xii/74, 16/xi/62, 17/v/70, 17/xi/69, 18/v/52,
Polo, 06/i/74, 06/vii/67, 06/xi/57, 10/i/81, 10/xii/78, 14/i/83, 15/xii/84, 16/xi/61, 17/xi/85, 18/xi/77
Sailing, 06/i/66, 06/vii/74, 06/xi/64, 10/xii/78, 13/xi/89, 14/xi/77, 15/v/62, 15/xii/82, 16/xi/68, 17/xi/78, 18/xi/93
Slalom, 06/i/58, 06/vii/74, 06/xi/48, 07/vi/72, 08/vi/77, 10/i/60, 10/xii/64, 11/xii/67, 12/xi/59, 13/xi/76, 14/xi/62, 15/v/48, 15/xii/53,
16/xi/38, 17/xi/41, 18/v/54, 18/xi/42
Sprint, 06/i/61, 06/vii/71, 06/xi/56, 07/vi/73, 08/vi/69, 10/i/68, 10/xii/71, 11/xii/72, 12/xi/77, 13/xi/80, 14/xi/69, 15/xii/63, 16/xi/46,
17/xi/53, 18/xi/59
Surfing, 06/i/54, 08/vi/58, 10/i/69
Wild water racing, 06/i/65, 06/vii/78, 06/xi/50, 10/i/70, 10/xii/69, 12/xi/76, 16/xi/70, 17/v/57, 17/xi/52, 18/xi/56
Complete descent of the incomplete Werra, A, 19/v/22
Crazy Day on the Spey 11/xii/36
Crossword, 07/vi/76, 08/vi/81
Day in the rain, A [Liamone], 16/xi/14
Designing for the Darkside, 19/v/47
Did I mention the rain?, 10/xii/48
Do you know?, 06/i/38, 06/vii/78, 06/xi/45, 08/vi/25, 09/vi/82, 10/i/55, 10/xii/23, 11/xii/35, 12/xi/17, 14/xi/90, 15/v/63, 17/v/35, 18/v/6,
Dratsies, bonxies and a twerp [Shetland], 13/xi/20
Dugout racing on Lake Malawi, 13/xi/90
‘Air, land and sea-based exploits’, 12/xii/7
Any department but DEFRA, 07/vi/5
Brownfield site, The, 16/xi/6
Case against the Paralympics, 12/xi/4
Coverage of freestyle and others, 19/v/7
Date of Easter, The, 16/v/6
Decade later, A, 15/v/8
Doing the right thing, 09/iv/5
Down on the farm, 11/xii/5
Downward spiral, The, 17/v/7
Environmentalists against the public, 13/xi/4
Fair starts, 14/xi/4
Is street crime our fault? 08/vi/5
Kayak chavs, 07/vi/5
Level playing field, A, 18/v/7
Life after the EU, 14/xi/4
Living in interesting times, 06/i/5
Mutual election apathy, 15/v/8
Not as it used to be, 15/xii/7
Our diamond jubilee, 13/xi/4
Profits first, 06/vii/5
Reaching for the stars, 10/xii/5
Route to the top & beyond, The, 17/xi/6
Sh... you know who, 18/v/7
Spinning the figures, 10/i/5
Unexpected pleasure, 12/xi/4
Very sick society, 10/i/5
We have our reservations, 06/x/5
What joined up Government? 08/vi/5
What’s in a name (or logo)? 18/xi/8
When in Rome, 15/xii/7
WWR medallists, 16/xi/6
End to End, 06/xi/46
Eureka! 06/i/26, 06/vii/30, 06/xi/24, 07/vi/34, 08/vi/28, 09/iv/33, 10/i/24,10/xii/27, 11/xii/24, 12/xi/27, 13/xi/26, 14/xi/42, 15/v/19,
16/v/15,16/xi/16, 17/v/22, 17/xi/13, 18/v/22, 18/xi/31, 19/v/26
Exercise Northern Descent [Spanish Pyrenees], 08/vi/26
Falmouth 60 years later, 15/xii/45
Fifty years of providing shelter in remote places, 15/xii/40
Films, 06/vii/46, 06/xi/31, 07/vi/78, 08/vi/49, 09/iv/65, 10/i/53, 10/xii/48, 11/xii/65, 12/xi/52, 13/xi/64, 14/xi/39, 15/xii/44, 17/v/55, 18/xi/30, 19/v/38
Finding the source [Thames], 13/xi/42
First time [Dalsland], 06/ii/42
Free competition, 13/xi/5
Getting back to basics [Jämtland], 07/vi/24
Getting wet, 06/vii/77
GAFIRS receive BCU Lifeguards Achievement Award, 13/xi/35
Gourmet canoeing [Wey Navigation/Thames], 09/iv/26
Great support by Herts Canoe Lifeguards, 10/i/23
Greenland paddles, 10/i/56
Canal d’Ille & Rance - Ille Rivière End, 10/i/39
Canal d’Ille & Rance - Rance Fleuve End, 12/xi/35
Grand Canal (Barrow Line), 15/v/31
Grand Canal (Naas & Corbally Branch), 16/xi/29
Grand Union Canal - Chilterns Section, 07/vi/61
Grand Union Canal - Northamptonshire Section, 06/i/39
Isle of Bute - East Coast, 17/xi/19
Isle of Bute - West Coast, 19/v/31
Isle of Skye - East Skye Coast, 16/5/29
Isle of Skye - Little Minch Coast, 11/xii/49
Isle of Skye - Sea of the Hebrides Coast, 09/iv/67
Isle of Skye - Sound of Raasay Coast, 14/xi/ 28
Isle of Skye - Southwest Coast, 06/xi/35
Lochar Water, 10/xii/45
Loch Goil, 17/v/45
Loch Harport, 15/xii/33
Loch Hourn, 13/xi/55
Loch Morar, 18/xi/21
River Ayr - East Ayrshire End, 06/vii/46
River Ayr - South Ayrshire End, 08/vi/51
Royal Canal - Co Longford End, 18/v/33
Holiday, 11/xii/30, 13/xi/30, 14/xi/47, 15/xii/26, 17/v/25, 18/v/24, 19/v/28
Hydraulic jump and the swimmer, The, 18/xi/19
Incident file, 06/i/15, 06/vii/17, 06/xi/17, 07/vi/23, 08/vi/24, 09/iv/24,10/i/11, 10/xii/411/xii/21, 12/xi/16, 13/xi/19, 14/xi/21, 15/v/18, 16/v/14, 16/xi/10, 17/v/17, 17/xi/12, 18/v/19, 18/xi/14
Independent lifeboats, 13/xi/25
ISKA statement, 10/xii/5
In the beginning, 06/i/50
In the Celestial Kingdom [Lamma], 11/xii/29
Joining up the dots [Thames], 13/xi/44
Krishna River by open canoe, 06/vii/20
Lapita Voyage, 09/iv/58
Letters, 06/i/30, 06/vii/42, 06/xi/32, 07/vi/71, 08/vi/6, 09/iv/32, 10/i/11, 12/xi/31, 13/xi/15, 16/xi/15, 17/v/6, 19/v/25
Lewis & Clark bicentenary, The, 06/vii/64
Light, strong and beautiful, 19/v/39
Lisbon Treaty & sport, 10/i/4
Lone canoeist, The, 16/v/36
Longest journey in the British Isles, 10/i/31
Love it, 17/v/7
Low key on the sea, 11/xii/29
Magna Carta 800th anniversary, 15/xii/6
Medieval right of navigation, The, 17/v/40
Meer cat crossing [North Sea and Ijsselmeer], 06/iv/58
Menorca, a return journey, 17/xi/16
Mermaid, The, 15/v/7
Best could have been even better, The [Skye], 17/v/29
Close encounter [San Francisco Bay], 14/xi/5
Devilishly fast [Devil’s Water], 10/i/55
Good read, A, 10/xii/57
Right answer, wrong working, 19/v/25
Surreal and unlikely, 12/xi/58
Naming of rivers [Rae], 10/xii/38
National Coastwatch Institution, 14/xi/40
On show, 12/xi/32, 13/xi/28, 14/xi/46, 15/v/22, 15/xii/24, 16/v/20, 16/xi/21, 17/v/30, 18/v/30, 18/xi/14
Open letter to Michael Gove, An, 18/xi/15
Oronsay, 15/xii/39
Paddling alone, 13/xi/5
Paddling for PSP, 12/xi/17
Paddling with the sun on your back, 17/v/56
Parting shots, 14/xi/96, 19/v/62
Pembrokeshire summer, 06/i/16
Pod which worked, 11/xii/80
Polo rule changes, 09/iv/45
Potential ban on Norwegian rivers due to salmon parasite, 06/vii/76
Prince William Sound in the rain, 10/xii/24
Queer hotch-potch, 10/xii/23
Raasay & Rona
Hebridean Gold, 10/i/20
Snerdlers in the Western Isles, 10/i/16
Recipe for real adventure [High Atlas], 06/xi/18
Rescue, 17/v/36
Scoop, 13/xi/12, 14/xi/12, 15/xii/12
Searching for the Finmen, 14xi/ 26
Segre Olympic Park, 10/xii/37
Severn source to sea, The, 17/xi/27
Sit on canoes, 12/xi/51
Sort of a Scout canoe, 16/v/38, 16/xi/76, 17/v/38
So you want to enter a surf kayak contest? 06/vii/44
Storming the Adriatic, 07/vi/52
Summer time and the living is easy [Summer Isles], 15/v/24
Swiss memories, 17/v/18
Table top cedar strip construction, 18/v/20
Teaching canoeing in Moldova, 13/xi/36
Ten top tips for fundraising, 16/xi/25
Ten weeks on the Mackenzie, 12/xi/18
Aquapac 098 iPhone case - Smaller drybag for smart phones, 12/xi/34
Aquapac PackDividers Drysacks - Keeping your valuables apart, 13/xi/41
Aquapac Upano Waterproof Duffel - Rugged multiuse waterproof bag, 13/xi/41
Aquapac Wet & Dry Back Pack - Multiple choice back pack, 14/xi/ 20
BackBliss - Reaching the parts others cannot, 08/vi/50
Columbia River Knife & Tool ER, 15/xii/47
Denko Pakpak - This waterproof wallet just shouldn’t work, 06/i/30
Helly Hansen Life - The next generation of Hellys, 06/vii/35
Infield Sportline - Safety and comfort take priority, 08/vi/50
Keen McKenzie and Owyhee - Rugged and comfortable, 11/xii/48
Mammut T-Trail + Ambient Light Dry Bag - Greater than the sum of its parts, 12/xi/34
Nauticalia Combination Padlock - Self illuminating combination padlock, 06/vii/34
Nikwax Sandal Wash - Removing what you can’t see, 14/xi/20
OverBoard Classic Waterproof Backpack, 15/xii/47
Páramo Mountain Pull-On - Fleece as soft as it comes, 06/vii/34
RUK Wall Slings and Wall Brackets - Keeping your boats tidy, 13/xi/40
Silicon Rescue Tape - A new kind of repair tape, 09/iv/32
Surviva Jak - Getting yourself out of trouble, 10/xii/55
Teva Terra Fi 4 and Original Universe - A way of life in the summer, 14/xi/21
Yak High Back 60N - Keeping cool and safe, 17/v/21
Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate - warm and light base layer, 19/v/45
Ticks can kill, 10/i/54
Tidal constants, 16/v/37
Tidal Rance, 13/xi/35
Touring, 06/i/47, 06/vii/52, 07/vi/40, 08/vi/36, 09/iv/45, 10/i/32, 10/xii/56, 11/xii/65, 13/xi/50, 14/xi/23, 15/v/44, 15/xii/46, 16/v/28, 16/xi/24, 18/v/32
Touring floats, 17/v/32
Travels of the UK Kayak Rapid Response Unit [Sutlej and Chandra Rivers], 06/vii/57
True cost of Olympic medals, 06/i/52
Undercurrents, 06/i/6, 06/vii/6, 06/xii/6, 07/vi/6, 08/vi/8, 09/iv/6, 10/i/6, 10/xii/6, 11/xii/8, 12/xi/6, 13/xi/8, 14/xi/8, 15/v/9, 15/xii/8, 16/v/7, 16/xi/7, 17/v/8, 17/xi/7, 18/v/8, 18/xi/7, 19/v/8
Unfinished business [Wye], 07/vi/44
Up the creek, 06/i/7, 06/vii/11, 06/xi/9, 07/vi/5, 08/vi/12, 09/ iv/12, 10/i/11, 10/xii/10
Weather to go, 17/xi/25
What a summer, 18/xi/30
What were they doing?, 15/xii/6
Why French canoeing is much better, 06/vii/51
Wildlife watching in Cardigan Bay 15/v/46
Wild water racing revamped, 12/xi/56

Access and environment, i/22, ii/9, iii/10, iv/13, v/10, vi/14
Attempting the English Channel record, v/15
Back then, i/21, ii/79, iii/79, iv/79, v/79, vi/87
Books, i/27, ii/18, iii/25, iv/32, v/34, vi/28
Bowron on a budget, iii/42
Brief guide to dragon boat racing, A, v/38
Bug juice
Arctic tusk force [Devon Island], vi/47
Around Cape Horn and back to Chelsea, vi/48
In league with a professional poacher, vi/49
No picnic for Ozzy [Obabika Lake], vi/45
Talking trash [Saranac Lake], vi/46
Building of the Ark, The, vi/61
Buyer’s directory - 2005, iii/49
Calendar, i/5, ii/5, iii/4, iv/4, v/4, vi/4
Canada’s Zambezi [Slave], iii/12
Canadian Canoe Museum, The, ii/32
Canoeing holiday 2005, i/44
Caption Competition, i/82, ii/79, iii/78, iv/79, v/78, vi/86
Channel record falls, The, vi/30
Competition, i/66, ii/64, iii/72, iv/70, v/62, vi/62
Dragon boat racing, ii/74
Freestyle, i/68, iv/70
Marathon, v/62
Multisport, iv/73, vi/83
Polo, ii/64, vi/82
Sailing, vi/80
Slalom, i/77, iii/72, vi/82
Sprint, vi/79
Surfing, i/66
Wild water racing, i/74, vi/62
Derrick, i/8, ii/7, iii/71, iv/72, v/36, vi/55
Do you know?, ii/39, iii/41, iv/34, v/36, vi/31
Building an unsafe society, vi/6
Fun or foolhardy? iv/6
Hoping for a sea change, iii/5
In answer to your correspondence, i/4
Putting a roof on safety restrictions, v/6
Where the risk really lies, ii/4
Election update, v/14
Epilogue, vi/7
Eureka! i/40, ii/28, iii/22, iv/26, v/30, vi/24
Everybody’s gone serfing [Chilco], ii/10
Exploring the Atlas Mountains [Hidden], vi/18
Films, ii/19, iii/23, iv/34
First time [Dalsland], ii/42
For those in peril, ii/46
Funding for clubs iv/35
Going like a train [Bonaventure], ii/36
Grand Union Canal - Birmingham End, i/55
Grand Union Canal - Northampton Uplands Section, iv/49
Mersea Island, vi/37
River Tyne - Tyne &
Wear End, v/43
River Tyne - Tynedale Section, ii/55
Scarba, iii/33

Guide to the guides, ii/62
Incident file, ii/8, iii/11, iv/15, v/13, vi/17
Just a gentle trip [St Kilda], vi/58
Letters, i/38, ii/54, iv/34, vi/27
Luing, 28
Meer cat crossing [North Sea and Ijsselmeer], iv/58
Mind how you go in the outdoors! v/37
Dawn [Dart], ii/20
Do you remember your first time? iv/69
My first grade V [Findhorn], vi/56
On a breezy day I meet the Klumps [Trent &
Mersey Canal/Trent], i/29
Pas delle yeux Rhône que nous, iii/75
Scottish Tour, The, [Orchy] v/61
Nepal paddling extravaganza, iv/16
No place like home [British Isles], i/30
Not the ideal paddling location [Isle of Wight], ii/22
No worry, iv/25
Caffyn, Douglas - Access research supremo, iii/24
Ledger, Jo - The first double Channel crossing, vi/26
Reeves, James - The new approach to freestyle, v/32
Snowdonia Canoe Club - Wind intrudes on celebration paddle, iv/30
Taylor, Alison - From marathon to the North American coast, ii/40
Simple matter, really, A [Gyronde], i/53
Skeena, iv/36
Something will turn up [Cauvery], ii/48, iii/62, iii/60
Steep creaking on the Cayoosh, v/16
Tay Marathon, The, iii/26
Aquapac Small Whanganui and Large Camera Case - Waterproofing without loopholes, iv/47
Chiruca Acqua Shoes - High gripping paddling footwear, i/52
Force Ten - Continuing the orange theme, ii/34
Gate 7 Oliver’s Bottom Skins, vi/36
Gerber Nautilus and Skippers Lock Knife - Tools within tools, i/52
Hi Gear Smartube - No need for a special drinks bottle, v/42
Multimat Tribe Survive CMS 09 Self-Inflating Camping Mat - The most luxurious mat I have used, vi/33
Non tests, The, vi/36
Outdoor Fire-Spout Mini - Fire-Spout 100’s smaller brother, iv/48
Phillpette MultiStroke - Much more like the real thing, vi/32
Q-Kayaks Penguin 2000 - Rigged for self rescue, iv/46
Quick Air and Super Pump - Tubes for air and water delivery, vi/34
Snugpak Kit Monster - The huge bag for your gear, vi/35
Stahlsac Deluxe Daypack - The daypack answer to the Meccano outfit, ii/35
Whitby Kershaw Sea Hunter 1008 BL-P and Rescue Blur - The best rescue knife I have seen, v/41
They’ll fight on the beaches... iv/29
Touring, iii/41, v/42, vi/50
Undercurrents, i/6, ii/6, iii/6, iv/8, v/7, vi/10
Up the creek, i/43, ii/8, iii/21, iv/16, v/13, vi/13
We’re saying nothing, iv/57
Why we couldn’t win Trafalgar today, i/65
Win a Perception Arc, iv/7

Accept the unexpected [Kyrgyzstan], v/14
Access and environment, i/11, ii/10, iii/10, iv/14, v/12, vi/12, vii/10, viii/12, ix/10, x/13, xi/10, xii/14
Altitude sickness [Tsarap Chu], vii/14
Awesome, mellow, chilled [Grand Canyon], viii/14
Back then, i/58, ii/58, iii/56, iv/58, v/56, vi/53, vii/57, viii/58, ix/56, x/58, xi/58, xii/53
Bear smells it, The [Alsek], ix/24
‘Big ship sails on the Alli,, The’, viii/20
Bonavista bliss, iii/38
Books, i/44, ii/51, iii/40, iv/48, v/43, vi/38, vii/33, viii/39, ix/36, x/24, xi/20, xii/26
British Isles’ ultimate sea kayak challenge, the lot, i/8
Bungling lawyer in 1830 caused our access problems, xi/13
Buyer’s directory - 2004, The, iii/42
Buying a piece of the White Nile, iv/16
Calendar, i/3, ii/3, iii/3, iv/3, v/3, vi/3, vii/3, viii/3, ix/3, x/3, xi/3, xii/3
Canal museums special offer, x/34
Cancer Challenge, v/5
Canoeing holiday 2004, i/33
Canoeing weekends on dry land, ii/33
Caption Competition, i/58, ii/58, iii/58, iv/58, v/58, vi/58, vii/58, viii/58, ix/58, x/58, xi/58, xii/58
Coast to coast [Caledonian canal], viii/40
Cockleshell heroes, x/38
Competition, i/46, ii/53, iii/50, iv/50, v/48, vi/45, vii/41, viii/44, ix/42, x/44, xi/42, xii/44
Dragon boat racing, vii/47
Freestyle, v/48, xi/45
Lifeguarding, xi/47
Marathon, i/52, vi/45, viii/44, ix/42, x/51
Multisport, iii/50, iv/50, viii/51, xi/51, xii/48
Polo, iii/50, vi/50, vii/49, x/48, xi/42
Sailing, vii/49, viii/49, x/44, xi/49, xii/46
Slalom, i/52, viii/46, xii/51
Sprint, viii/44, ix/47
Surfing, i/46, vi/50, viii/44, ix/46, xii/44
Wild water racing, i/50, vii/41
Crew boat policy for sprint racing, v/45
Derrick, i/17, iii/50, iv/42, v/19, vi/17, vii/28, viii/10, ix/18, x/11, xi/45, xii/16
Diaries, The, i/24, ii/20, iii/25, iv/38, v/33, vi/42
Discovering the white water of China [Sichuan], vii/24
DOGs paddle Devizes to Westminster, vi/40
DEFRAhave ‘nothing to offer’, ix/8
Displaying the BCU’s poster, iii/6
Feel good Olympics, The, x/8
He who does nothing wrong, ii/6
want sore bad losers’, viii/8
Lawler agrees Train was right, iv/8
Powered by enthusiasm, v/8
Solo and individually, xii/6
We must save Longridge, vi/8
When a championships is not a championships, xi/6
Worse than criminals, i/6
You can not be serious, vii/8
Endeavour Canoe Challenge, iv/24
Eureka! i/20, ii/18, iii/20, iv/22, v/26, vi/24, vii/36, viii/22, ix/20, x/22, xi/26, xii/40
50th London International Boat Show, The, i/9
Films, i/45, v/44, vii/53, viii/33
Final day, A [Dalsland], ii/48
From the Wey to the Wye, ix/53
Generals and warriors [Brahmaputra], vii/20
Leeds &Liverpool Canal - Liverpool End, i/29
River North Tyne - Kielder Forest End, v/29
River North Tyne - Tynedale End, viii/29
River Tyne - River South Tyne End, xi/29
Scalpay, ix/29
Soay, xii/29
South Central Cornwall Coast, vi/27
Southeast Cornwall Coast, iii/27
Shropshire Union Canal - Cheshire End, x/27
Shropshire Union Canal - Shropshire Section, vii/29
Shropshire Union Canal - Staffordshire End, iv/29
Steeping River, ii/29
Guide to the guides, iv/36
Happy Landings, x/42
How to be SunSmart, vii/52
Incident file, i/13, iii/11, v/13, x/11, xi/12, xii/16
In the footsteps of Ross [Boothia Peninsula], i/14
Journey to the edge of the world [St Kilda], ix/14
Kiwi view, The, i/41
Knots and ropework, iii/47
Letters, i/13, ii/11, iii/35, iv/51, v/46, vi/35, vii/35, viii/5, ix/3, x/5, xi/16, xii/17
Lifetime of support, A [Devizes - Westminster], vi/41
After dark, ii/52
Cold comfort in the dark time of the year [Ashby Canal], iv/33
Morbid Dirk [Fleetwood], v/23
Somnolent posture, A, vii/13
Thames soliloquy (not forgetting the dog), A, vi/14
That day it didn’t bite [Calf of Man], iii/52
Muir Award in the Sound of Harris, John, v/20
Mystery boat collection, iv/9
New grading system for the sea, A, iv/21
Olympic countdown
Britain’s Olympic hopefuls, i/8
Official India [Ganga], x/16
Officially old, ii/7
Our inaugural Florida Kays Paddling Trail trip, i/38
Paddler’s Holy Grail, The [St Kilda], ix/12
Paddling the Percuil, v/40
Pilot paddling [N
Wales], i/40
Bason, Darren - Good vibrations, v/24
Blenkinsop, Pete - Blending kayaks with wave skis, viii/9
Croesyceiliog Canoe Club - Something for everyone after school, x/9
Flint, Dave - The better part of teaching, ix/9
Hammond, Simon - A
world champion opposed to elitism, ii/04
Keane, David - The first ever DW
Race finishers, vi/9
Kingfisher Canoe Club - Still not taking it too seriously after all these years, i/18
Preece, Rosemary - The Wicked Witch of the West Midlands, iii/24
Ramwell, John - The international sea kayak master of ceremonies, xii/22
Small Heath School Canoe Club - A successful all Asian canoe club, iv/3
Walsh, Campbell - Stirling silver, xi/18
Wokingham Canoe Club - Just busy, just paddling, vii/18
Ralph’s Cupboard, viii/35
Rumbled [Barra], ii/38
Scotland for sun and sharks [Mull], iv/44
Some school trips are better than others [Orange], xii/18
Special deals on exhibition tickets, xii/7
Tarberteering [Knoydart], ix/21
Aquapac FlashPac and Flexible Waterproof SLRCamera Case - Waterproof beacon and camera case, ix/34
Birch Creek 14 - Ultimate fast solo tourer with superior tracking, iii/36
Blizzard Rescue Blanket and Vest/Smock - You can paddle in this survival top, ii/19
Blizzard Survival Tube - The flexible survival option, xii/25
Body Glove Swish CD/DVD
Wallet and Fusion Cellsuit - Wetsuit manufacturer protects your electronics, ix/35
Buffera Buffs - Visor and National Geographic variants, v/35
Chota Outdoor Gear QuickLace Mukluks - Avoiding the canoeing experience, i/23
Dampire Dryzones - Dry kit with no power requirements, x/40
Gelert and Nomad drybags - Drybags with differences, viii/38
Hi-Tec Abyss and Uber Water Shoes - High traction and quick draining shoes, x/41
Exclusive 4 Person Picnic Pack - Your picnic in a backpack, vii/40
Lendal Paddle Leash - Quick release leash, iv/40
Liquidlogic Huck and Eskimo Salto - Creek boats to punch holes, v/37
Lomo Neodeck - Manufacturing in Scotland lives on, iv/42
Lowe Alpine Dark Star - Wind resistant, comfortable over wide range, xi/40
Lowe Alpine Men’s Dryflo Zone Long Sleeved T
Shirt, xi/40
Mobile Adventure, Wenonah and Nova Craft Prospectors - Variations on the world’s most popular design, vi/18
Nanock Performance - Improving the insulation to weight ratio, x/40
Outdoor Lock &Lock - The best storage containers yet, xi/41
Outdoor Releasable/Reusable Cable Ties, - Overgrown cable tie you can use many times, iii/36
Outdoordesigns Hydramap Case - Keeping your maps dry, ii/19
Capella 166 - Upgrade to a popular sea kayak, vii/39
Pelican Colorado and Excursion - The Trabbies of canoeing, viii/36
Peli MityLite 4AA - Meet the MityLite’s big brother, vi/21
Princeton-Tec Yukon and Peli Products HeadUp Lite 2610 and 2640 - Head lights combining bulbs with LEDs, iv/41
Pro-trek Cellboost - A
dead battery but you must use your phone, iii/37
Pyramid Body Guards Eco Sleep System - The best hammock arrangement yet, i/22
Pyranha M3 243 - Pyranha’s new flagship creek boat, v/36
Ricoh 300G - No sheep in wolf’s clothing, vi/21
Ryders Vent - For the streamlined look, xii/25
Sawvivor and Race Rescue Knife - Cutting edge technology, viii/37
Sea Kayak - Single - The Chinese approach to sea kayak design, xii/24
Speleo Technics Nova - The brightest LED on Earth, xi/41
Tango Digi Alarm Clock - The ultimate power source, water, ix/35
Thatchreed Tracpac Drybags - Dark side of drybags, i/23
Vajda Civetcat - A light and fast touring single, vii/38

There is no better way of seeing the Cyclades, viii/24
Too much too fast [N
America], xi/14
To Russia with sensitive military maps [Lake Ladoga], i/26
Touring, i/25, ii/43, v/28, vii/3a7, viii/43, ix/40, x/35, xi/33, xii/33
2 fundamental changes for
Canoeist next month, xii/8
27th Thames Traditional Boat Rally, The, ix/38
Undercurrents, i/10, ii/8, iii/7, iv/10, v/10, vi/10, vii/9, viii/10, ix/11, x/10, xi/8, xii/10
Uprights Rap, The, ix/33
Up the creek, iv/22, v/28, vi/26, vii/17, viii/19, ix/28, x/21, xi/17, xii/43
Where do you paddle in Northern Ireland?, ix/19
Whitewater classrooms
Alpine retrospective, iii/12
Soca, a blue paradise, The, iii/16
Widescreen wilderness [Prince William Sound], ii/22
Winter sun [Jalcomulco], ii/44
With and without the Swell Bringer [Scotland and Sri Lanka], ii/12
Year in the life, A, iii/35, iv/43, v/38, vi/22, vii/34, viii/34, ix/22, x/36, xi/22, xii/36

Access and environment, i/10, ii/10, iii/12, iv/14, v/14, vi/12, vii/11, viii/11, ix/14, x/8, xi/12, xii/13
Activities in the tidal impact zone, vii/37
Alternative technology, i/12, ii/22, v/48, vi/17, vii/19, ix/26, x/39
As graceful as an albatross in the wind [Loisach], vi/18
Beginner doon the watter, The [Firth of Clyde], ii/46
Best defence yet against the Scottish midge, The, i/48
Blown away on the Blaskets, viii/20
Boating the armpit of America [California], i/38
Books, i/13, ii/21, iii/34, iv/36, v/38, vi/24, vii/36, viii/19, ix/19, x/24, xi/18, xii/39
Brush with fun [Brush Creek], v/40
Building a marine ply kayak called Regvlbivm, i/36, ii/38, iii/40
Building the PBK 15, x/20
Calendar, i/3, ii/3, iii/3, iv/3, v/3, vi/3, vii/3, viii/3, ix/3, x/3, xi/3, xii/3
Canoeing holiday 2003, i/42
Canoe slalom in the 21st century, i/52
Caption Competition, i/58, ii/58, iii/58, iv/58, v/58, vi/58, vii/58, viii/58, ix/58, x/58, xi/58, xii/58
Catching it right [Small Isles], v/24
Coming down the Mountain, viii/16
Competition, i/49, ii/50, iii/53, iv/48, v/50, vi/38, vii/40, viii/46, ix/39, x/45, xi/40, xii/45
Bell boat racing, vii/52, ix/51
Dragon boat racing, x/46
Freestyle, ii/50, iv/48, vi/51, vii/40, viii/50, xi/50, xii/48
Lifeguarding, xi/46
Marathon, vi/46, viii/49, xi/40
Multisport, iv/51, vi/52, vii/50, viii/51, ix/50, x/45, xi/51
Polo, viii/46, x/52
Sailing, vi/52, vii/51, viii/52, ix/39, x/53, xi/48, xii/51
Slalom, vi/41, ix/40, xii/46
Sprint, viii/48, ix/37, xi/52
Surfing, i/49, vi/44, vii/50, viii/48, ix/39, xii/45
Wild water racing, ii/52, vi/38, ix/46, xi/45

Customer is always right (well, nearly always), The [Wye], i/41
Dart, a winter river, The, ii/14
Defiled yet undefiled [Ardèche], ix/20
Delivering the message [Wey and Thames], xi/14
Derrick, i/13, ii/13, iii/22, iv/12, v/39, vi/8, vii/49, viii/10, ix/51, x/38, xi/13, xii/8
Diaries, The, x/36, xi/7, xii/23
Acceptable risk and the age of majority, ix/8
Closing the circle, x/6
Dee is the final straw, viii/5
Every picture tells a story, ii/6
50 years of getting you the whole story, i/6
48 pages of new rules withdrawn, v/8
For whose protection? iv/8
Further Scottish access progress, vi/5
Getting things wrong fast, xii/6
Looking after the marathon masters, xi/6
Scots triumph in north/south divide, iii/6
Thank you all, vii/5
Escaping from Maoists on the River Arun, iv/44
Eureka! i/34, ii/36, iii/36, iv/42, v/42, vi/36, vii/26, viii/38, ix/24, x/39, xi/34, xii/18
Films, i/33, ii/11, v/37, vii/37, xi/18, xii/7
Final countdown, The [Ibiza], x/18
Future perfect
How we will be paddling in 2053, xi/32
Where we will be paddling in 2053, iv/14
Germination of the expedition seed, The, vii/34
Get afloat today, viii/29
Dorset Coast, vi/25
Leeds &
Liverpool Canal - Airedale End, i/27
Leeds &
Liverpool Canal - East Lancashire Section, vii/29
Leeds &
Liverpool Canal - Pennine Section, iv/29
Leeds &
Liverpool Canal - West Lancashire Section, x/27
Lyme Bay Coast, ix/27
Relief Channel, xi/29
River Nene (Old Course)
- Eastern End, v/29
River Nene (Old Course)
- Western End, ii/29
Southwest Devon Coast - Skirting around Dartmoor, xii/25
Twenty Foot River, viii/33
West Hampshire Coast, iii/26

Guide to the guides, iv/38
Haute Provence and the Alpes Maritimes, summer rivers, ii/18
Incident file, i/11, ii/11, iv/15, v/15, viii/13, ix/15, x/12
Inner soundings [Inner Sound], v/19
In search of English white water
Joy of concrete, The [Thames weirs], iv/26
Jumping on grenades [West Country], iii/14
Sustained joy, v/49
Kiwi view, The, xi/16, xii/42
Lakeland without portages [Naarjoki], x/14
Letters, i/9, ii/12, iii/13, iv/25, v/9, vi/21, vii/33, viii/10, ix/9, x/13, xi/19
Long way round, The [Gt Britain], x/42
Chocolate dawn [Blakeney], v/5
Moon thunder run [Dart], xii/35
Passing of a friend, The, vi/11
Prizes for non paddlers, iv/5
Taking mother out for the day [Axe], iii/33
Museum pieces, iii/17
No Moher cliffs, please, i/14
Norway rerevisited, xii/36
Norway revisited, iv/18
Now look ear, ii/28
Of facts, forecasting and gut feelings [Little Minch], i/22
Old crocs on the Zambezi, ii/40
Place beyond imagining, A [Varmland], xii/16
Preparing for pirates, v/52
Cheltenham Canoe Club - Doing more or less everything, vii/24
Corrie, Heather - Determination and the professional approach, xi/38
Jarvie, Fiona - At Hurley and the rest of the world, viii/37
Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre - A plethora of clubs, x/40
Leighton Buzzard Canoe Club - Dramatic success of a declining club, i/23
McCusker, Gerry - Friend of polo, xii/15
Pothecary, Fran - Changing the face of Scottish access, vi/20
Proteus Canoe Club - We founded the Holme Pierrepont slalom course, iv/34
Ratcliffe, Paul, - the quiet star, x/26

Spencer, Jenny - 5th in the world the first time she paddled the distance, ii/27
Train, Rachel - Producing Britain’s best sprint results, v/36
Wells, Peter - A century promoting the world’s premier canoe club, ix/34
Winning, Duncan R,
OBE - Pride in the Clyde and beyond, iii/24
Read all about it [Thames], v/16
Repair of the Hesperus, vi/22
Riding the white horses of the west [W
coast of Scotland], vi/19
Rioting, rebels and international terrorism [Nepal], viii/24
Rise, fall and recovery of British canoeing, 1850 - 1939, The, i/24, ii/34, iii/38
Rusty alligators and spruce moose [R
Dumoine], ix/16
Safety boating and more [French Alps], vi/14
Sergio at 60, Prince, vii/22
Sport as it used to be, v/47
Taking canoes on aircraft, viii/19
Aquapure Traveller - Water, water everywhere... iii/22
Barmah Folding Bronco - The remaining part of the traditional image, x/35
BodyBloc - A clear sunscreen for watersports, viii/28
Buck Revolution-XT
Knife - A folding/fixed blade hybrid knife, xi/23
Canadian Canoe Company Buoyancy Aid - Economical for centres but with extras, ix/22
Canon Ixus V3 and WP-DC600 and Olympus Mju 300 and PT-016 Mju - Waterproof digital cameras, xi/22
Coleman F1 Lite - Size does matter, x/35
Current Designs Sirocco - A well behaved and comfortable sea kayak, ii/25
Exped Dry Bags and Gul 100l Bag - Dry bags of all sizes, xii/22
Faraday Torch - Light in a few shakes without batteries, iv/33
Folding Saw - The saw equivalent of the penknife, iv/33
Gerber MP400 Corkscrew - A palm sized toolbox for running repairs, viii/28
Glo-Toob FX - An intelligent programmed lightstick, xi/23
Kifaru Tipi &
Stove System - Tent with a wood fire inside, xii/21
Merrell Belluna 2 - Well supported women’s after sport shoe, vii/19
Merrell Kona Convertible - Merrell’s best water sandal yet, i/18
Nikwax Travel Towel - Lightweight compact towel, i/19
North Star Equipment Turbolighter - More thermic lance than cigarette lighter, vii/19
Nova Craft Bob Special - A dream for the solo paddler, v/33
Outdoor Fire-Spout 100 - Efficient use of generated heat, ix/22
Ortovox Albula - Sensual wool undershirt, vi/17
Ortovox Monialm Hut Slipper - Worth getting cold feet, iv/33
Perception Blaze 7.1 - Play hard and run rapids, iii/22
Perception Carolina - A boat to get paddlers touring again, vi/16
Petzl Myo 3 - Light and robust head torch, x/35
Petzl Zipka Plus - Functional and stylish head light, xii/22
Rainbow Vector - A
white water kayak on the level, ii/24
Rainbow Voodoo 2, Mephisto and DNA - Three river boats for the smaller paddler, iii/20
Reed Transpire Fleece Socks - The ultimate comfort in socks, v/35
Rite in ther Rain - Notebooks which you can get wet, vi/17
Smiley’s Nose Plugs - Forget you’re wearing them, ix/23
Snugpak Softie 10 Harrier - Comfortable bag packs into small bag, i/19
Snugpak Solar Flare - A jacket with sleeping bag technology, ii/26
Surfster S3 - A bodyboard you can pack in your boat, vii/18
Tatonka Hot &
Cold Stuff - Robust container for hot and cold drinks, viii/28
Utopia Optics Straight 6 and Nothing Chips - From the sports car look to the ultra light, i/18
Yak Kyu, Kalmar, Kurta and Kurve - Ko-ordinated kanoeing klothing, v/34
There are no crocs around here [Ngotwane River], vii/38
Ticks to make you cross, iii/53
Touring, i/20, ii/32, iv/24, vii/28, viii/41, ix/38, x/33, xi/24, xii/40
Traditional boats at Henley, ix/36
Two days on the secret river [Daugleddau], iii/42
2003 canoe & kayak buyer’s guide, iii/45
Undercurrents, i/8, ii/8, iii/8, iv/10, v/10, vi/8, vii/8, viii/8, ix/10, x/7, xi/8, xii/8
Up the Creek, xii/11
Way it is, The, viii/23
We survived Spirit Falls, vii/14
Wild, desolate places [Rio Grande Big Bend], iv/40

Access and environment, i/10, ii/10, iii/14, iv/12, v/12, vi/12, vii/10, viii/14, ix/9, x/10, xi/8, xii/12
Advance party, The [Lake Volta], viii/35
Alternative technology, v/35, viii/21, ix/35, xi/16, xii/33
Bridge too far, A [Wye], x/23
Books, i/47, ii/24, iii/51, iv/40, v/36, vi/42, vii/36, viii/33, ix/34, x/9, xi/14, xii/21
Calendar, i/3, ii/3, iii/3, iv/3, v/3, vi/3, vii/3, viii/3, ix/3, x/3, xi/3, xii/3
California dreaming, ii/13
Canoe hire, American style [Delaware], iii/15
Canoeing holiday 2002, i/38
Canoeing with the Larks [Basingstoke Canal], i/33
Caption Competition, i/58, ii/58, iii/58, iv/58, v/58, vi/58, vii/58, viii/58, ix/58, x/58, xi/58, xii/58
Cat burglers [Lago di Garda], xi/40
Competition, i/50, ii/50, iii/52, iv/52, v/48, vi/44, vii/46v, viii/39, ix/39, x/38, xi/42, xii/42
Bell boat racing, viii/46
Dragon boat racing, vii/51, viii/48, x/44, xii/50
Freestyle, ii/51, v/48, viii/53, ix/43, xi/50
Marathon, ii/52, iv/52, v/48, vi/45, vii/46, viii/47, x/48, xi/47, xii/42
Multisport, vi/44, vii/51, viii/50, x/52, xi/52, xii/46
Orienteering, viii/52
Polo, v/52, viii/41, xi/42
Sailing, i/50, vii/49, viii/51, ix/44, x/52, xi/52, xii/51
Slalom, iii/52, vi/44, vii/48, viii/43, ix/49, x/38
Sprint, ix/46
Surfing, i/52, ii/50, vi/52, xi/50, xii/48
Wild water racing, i/50, viii/39, ix/39, x/43
Cunene River under threat, The, vii/12
Derrick, i/42, ii/48, iii/25, iv/26, v/9, vi/53, vii/44, viii/32, ix/18, x/53, xi/33, xii/10
Double booked [Great Glen], xi/10
Access will ‘only change with a change to primary legislation’, vii/8
Dawning of the day, The, iii/8
Devizes to Westminster back on course, vi/8
It is all going to end in tears, xii/6
Money and drugs in sport, x/8
Our best month yet for access, ii/6
Watching the kids, i/6
Which way to turn the key in Snowdonia, iv/8
Who benefits from the quorum rule? ix/8
Whose countryside is it? xi/6
WWR on the brink, viii/8
Will we be pushed behind hospital beds? v/8
Eureka! i/24, ii/23, iii/24, iv/45, v/42, vi/35, vii/34, viii/24, ix/22, x/20, xi/34, xii/40
Explore UK
rivers, i/34, ii/36, iii/46, iv/42, v/38, vi/36, vii/24
Facts and figures, ix/36
50 years of canoe marathon, iv/18
Films, i/28, v/33, vi/25, vii/37, xii/53
Flying tortoises and world order [Main], vii/20
From pool to white water, ix/26
From sea to shining sea [northern Scotland], x/12
free sea kayak night navigation, v/44
East Hampshire Coast, xii/27
East Sussex Coast, vi/27
Jubilee River, xi/27
Kennet &
Avon Canal - River Avon End, x/27
Kennet &
Avon Canal - River Kennet End, iv/27
Kennet &
Avon Canal - Vale of Pewsey Section, vii/27
River Rother, viii/27
River Waveney - Broads End, ii/29
River West Allen, v/29
Strait of Dover Coast, iii/27
Trent &
Mersey Canal - Derbyshire End, i/29
West Sussex Coast, ix/29

Guide to the guides, iii/34
Home to home 2 [southern England], ix/24
Hurley is making us lazy, ii/49
Hypothermia, i/48
Incident file, ii/12, iv/14, vi/13, viii/11, xii/14
In memory of Mark [British coast], xii/16
Junior World Wild Water Racing Championships, vii/5
Ladies first, vi/34
Letters, i/28, ii/49, iii/9, v/9, vi/9, vii/18, viii/21, ix/53, x/22, xi/33, xii/15
Life’s the Bitches, vi/40
Magic, karst and mudflats [Malaysia and Thailand coast], v/34
Choose life, v/33
End of the week, xii/33
Ghost on the river, The [Dart], iii/44
Medal winning performance, A, viii/23
Weakest link, The [E
Lyn], iv/41
Moonlit boating and snowdrifts [California], vi/16
More sensible white water in Nepal, v/46
Mosquito wars, ix/35
Norway - the land of stunning scenery, v/16
On the prospectors’ trail [Bowron Lakes], ix/14
Operation Frankton [Gironde], iv/22
Pampatha, vii/40
Patience is a virtue [Irish and Scottish coasts], xi/24
Planning the ultimate free ride, vii/45
Blakeman, Laura - Achieving success at an early stage, xi/22
Chalfont Park Canoe Club - From aluminium to gold, i/18
Cock, Oliver - Ert, funct and ane, iii/13
Disney, Adrian - Action on access for all, vi/22
Dixon, Rob - The butcher of Hurley, viii/22
Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers - A club not dominated by men, vii/16
Exeter Canoe Club - 50 years of canoeing on the Exe, x/18
Fletcher, Jill - Double life of top wave ski rider, ii/16
Floyd, Paula - Freestyle champion excels at many sports, v/15
Goodwin, Ray - Kochee fives, xii/38
Viking Kayak Club - Set up to run the first marathon race, iv/16
Wondre, Fred - Been there, done that, ix/20
Rainbows and spectacular sunsets [Mull], viii/16
Red boat phenomenon, The [Yamuna], xii/34
Rivers that defy convention [Iceland], iv/36
Sit on top virgins [British Virgin Islands], i/13
Airogym - Fit athletes at higher risk of flight thrombosis - iii/43
Avon Easyak - Quick turning, load carrying folding kayak, ix/19
Belfield Tide Plotter 2002 - Precise portable tidal details, i/16
Columbia Challenger II
Cargo Water Trunk and Coldwater Pant - Practical paddling trousers, vi/25
Columbia Omni-Dry Short Sleeve Tee - Even T shirts become high tech, vi/25
Crewsaver Spiral and Euro 100 - Ideal lifejackets for children, i/16
Daleswear X-Static Base Layer - Tackling the pong problem, xi/16
Freeze Dried Food - Filling meals without filling the boat, vi/24
Gerber E-Z
Out Rescue - One handed opening to cut ropes, xii/24
Island Kayaks Expedition - A new sea kayak with unexpected secrets, iv/34
Mad River Explorer 15RX
and Solo Plus - Two solo/tandem canoes for touring, ii/33
Nike Air River Spike - The all conditions shoe, iv/35
PALight - Robust multi option torch, x/9
Quest - Project X without the camera wobble, ii/34
Peli Products MicroCase - Case for the defence, xii/24
Prijon Delirious - The master of spin, ii/35
Reed Chill Cheater Unisex Long Sleeve Dry Cag - Warm, flexible and wear resistant, iv/34
Rivers West Ridge Runner II and Brush Creek - A more user friendly waterproof material, iii/42
Voyageur Free Throw Kayak Pro Rescue Bag - Easy to handle throwline, iii/41
Wilderness Tempest 170 - This sea kayak is going to sell well, xii/23
Wolfskin, Jack, Trek &
Roll 1 - Less macho, more practical for transport, i/17
Yak Cyclone and Cyclone Twin - A well designed expedition quality cag, v/24
Yak Paddling Salopettes - Basic, practical but no relief, v/24
Yak Portage Boot - Warm and comfortable heavy duty boot, vii/19
Yak Tejo and Zambezi - Comfortable buoyancy aids, hate the yak, v/25
Thompson breakaway rally, The Keith [Teifi], v/26
To run or not to run [Tuolumne], vi/14
Total eclipse [Madagascar], iii/18
Touring, i/26, ii/26, iii/15, iv/15, vi/26, vii/23, viii/23, x/34, xi/34, xii/25
2002 canoe and kayak buyer’s directory, ii/40
Undercurrents, i/8, ii/8, iii/10, iv/10, v/10, vi/10, vii/9, viii/10, ix/4, x/5, xi/7, xii/8
Up the creek, i/28, ii/23, iii/14, iv/4, v/23, vi/11, vii/53, viii/45, ix/51
Wallflowers on tour [Spanish Pyrenees], xi/17
Whales, bergs and other things [Newfoundland], i/43
White water diary [Welsh border], vii/38
Win a Kajaktiv holiday for two in Sweden, iii/16
Wind in my face, The [central Scotland], i/20, ii/18, iii/36

Access and environment, i/8, ii/11, iii/9, iv/12, v/14, vi/9, vii/10, viii/14, ix/10, x/9, xi/10, xii/10
Alternative technology, ix/53
As clear as gin [Grand Western Canal], ii/38
Bannocks and bivvis [Knoydart], ix/12
Bavarian gold [Altmühl], iii/48
Bay of Islands, i/52
Beach bums in Croatia, iii/42, iv/36
Bishop before breakfast [Scilly], iii/16
Books, i/13, ii/17, iii/25, iv/22, v/40, vi/21, vii/20, viii/15, ix/16, xi/19, xii/35
Budhi Ganga, a long strange trip, iv/33
Calendar, i/6, ii/8, iii/6, iv/8, v/8, vi/6, vii/6, viii/6, ix/6, x/6, xi/6, xii/6
Calling our bluff [Nevis Bluff], iii/14
Canoeing the Niger delta, vii/22
Caption Competition, i/58, ii/58, iii/58, iv/58, v/58, vi/58, vii/58, viii/58, ix/58, x/58, xi/58, xii/58
Checking on the boys in Nepal, vi/10
Chippy does the North Shore (or vice versa), v/17
Circle in a circle [Norway], v/46
Competition, i/53, ii/50, iii/53, iv/46, v/53, vi/49, vii/45, viii/45, ix/38, x/41, xi/39, xii/45
Bell boat racing, xi/52, xii/52
Dragon boat racing, iv/48, vii/50, viii/50, x/41, xi/48
Freestyle, ii/50, iv/50, vi/52, vii/50, viii/50, ix/38, x/50, xi/47, xii/54
Lifeguarding, xi/50
Marathon, vi/53, xi/39, xii/45
Multisport, viii/52, xii/50
Polo, v/53, viii/45
Sailing, vii/48, viii/51, ix/51, x/42, xi/52, xii/54
Slalom, i/53, ii/52, iv/46, vi/54, vii/45, viii/49, ix/48, x/51, xi/42, xii/52
Sprint, ix/49, xi/44
Surfing, iii/53, vi/49, vii/49, viii/48, xi/43, xii/46
Wild water racing, ix/46, x/46, xii/53
Derrick, i/53, ii/53, iii/53, iv/45, v/49, vi/20, viii/14, ix/45, x/17, xi/50, xii/8
Derrick guide to economy canoeing, The, vii/21
Eating for competing, ii/32
Ecokayaking guidelines for sea kayakers, vii/26
Bringing the BCUinto disrepute, ii/3
Buying in a winning team, vii/3
Cutting comments, iii/3
Down the slippery path, xi/3
Further AALA
licensing on the cards? iv/3
Is freestyle about to go big, ix/3
Let’s get back to pure sprint, xii/3
Nub of the problem, The, x/3
Preparing the whitewash bucket, v/3
Protection racket, The, vi/3
There are going to be accidents, i/3
Voter apathy, vii/3

End of the summer [Hebrides], xi/12
Environmental audits [Garry], x/34
Eureka! i/18, ii/24, iii/20, iv/24, v/44, vi/29, vii/36, viii/39, ix/26, x/16, xi/15, xii/42
Explore UK
rivers, viii/41, ix/20, x/22, xi/22, xii/38
Films, iv/45, vi/41, vii/42, ix/17, x/23
First descents [Oxford], vii/35
Flying boats round the world, vi/20
Future of freestyle, The, ii/12
Goat boats revisited, vii/43
Greenland white water [Qôrqup Kúa], iii/38
Broads Coast, iii/27
Chirdon Burn, v/29
Essex Coast, ix/27
Firth of Tay - Carse of Gowrie Shore, ii/29
Portsmouth Harbour, viii/33
River Waveney - Western End, xi/27
Shropshire Union Canal (Llangollen Branch)
- Eastern End, x/27
Suffolk Coast, vi/33
Thames Estuary Coast, xii/27
Trent &
Mersey Canal - Cheshire End, iv/29
Trent &
Mersey Canal - North Staffordshire Section, vii/27
Trent &
Mersey Canal - South Staffordshire Section, x/27
Guide to the guides, iii/34
Hook, i/40
Iceland - the land of fire and ice and the odd bit of meltwater, v/24
Incident file, i/9, ii/14, iii/9, iv/14, vii/11, x/10, xi/11, xii/11
It beats a surprise party [Lakes], iv/16
It’s a gruelling job but somebody has to do it [French Alps], iv/40
Kiwi flippin’ for frustrated intermediates, vii/12
Letters, i/39, ii/16, iii/19, iv/20, v/40, vi/32, vii/38, viii/24, ix/11, x/26, xi/21, xii/19
Love and peace, man [Hebrides], 1/16
Machetes, flash floods and internet cafés [Ecuador], vi/14
Mad dogs and Frenchmen [Brittany coast], iv/18
Make sure that you get really close [Inner Hebrides], v/18
Mist filled lakes and vast starry skies [Algonquin], iii/10
Adventure is just round the corner, i/15
Against the flow [Arun], vi/43
Further perspective, A, [Thames], vii/38
Knelling, ii/41
Only minor imperfections, v/51
Politics and sport [Tacen], viii/32
Sea canoeist’s prayer, Ye, iii/26
Sea spell, iv/44
Under the wind [Dart], x/33

19th century Greenland kayak, The, iii/41
Most amazing river I’ve ever paddled, The [Bactiaria], xii/12
Novices afloat [Lancaster Canal], viii/22
Old paddlers never die [Alps], i/26
Pooh Bear’s guide to hydrotopography, ii/41, iii/26, iv/21
Pooh Bear’s guide to Sort, vi/44
Aberdeen Kayak Club - Return of the silver darlings, i/38
Bray, Peter - The first trans Atlantic paddler, xii/24
Brown, Johnny - Growing Scotland’s young slalom talent, vi/25
Clwb Canw Colwyn - One that got away and the opportunity that didn’t, vii/25
Irvine, Lucy - Why castaways need canoes, iii/36
Leaver, Tony - Fit for the top again, xi/18
Midland Canoe Club - From camping to the Olympics over half a century, x/18
Morley, Nigel - Fifty years of fun, ix/25
Read, Sarah - Surfing from Jersey back to England, viii/29
Reading University Canoe Club - Connoisseurs of white water and fine ales, iv/34
Stewart, Tracy - Give me a reef, ii/33
Weir, James - Absolutely nothing except going paddling, v/33
Provisioning sea kayak expeditions, vii/18
Reject shots, The, [Scotland], viii/16
Scoop, x/23
Sea blades, vi/26
Sea kayaks around Finland’s Archipelago National Park, i/42
Seeking the knowledge, i/44
Selecting a boat for an extended kayak trip, x/14
Size doesn’t matter, v/48, vi/42, vii/42
Spot the difference, iv/13, v/16, vi/8, vii/8
State of the art? ii/41
Aquamate AM2 - Almost watertight in white water, ix/19
Aqua Sphere Seal - On the fast track to rolling, viii/21
Ardenbeg Outdoor Centre - Adaptability to suit your requirements, i/36
Blizzard Pack - This survival bag will save lives, xii/22
Bush Solo Pod and Pro Pod - Compact hammocks with bonus accessories, ix/19
Chasezac, The - An excuse to stay longer on the Ardèche, i/33
Endless River Headway - Should prove popular with touring paddlers, vi/39
Endless River Sling Seat - Instant seating where you want it, x/23
First Choice Expedition Foods Maxchill Drinks Bottle - 7 times as effective as ice for cooling drinks, iv/43
Hi-Tec Scandal - Comfort at a very reasonable price, viii/21
Lucido T4 Head Torch and Lucido Lightwave 2000 - Energy efficient and durable torches, v/41
Mad River Exporer - Fast for its length, ii/26
Noah Innuendo G - Paddling with Noah in the floods, vii/39
Otter Boxes - Dry boxes for small objects, vi/41
Reed Chill Cheater Super Stretch Fleece, ii/27
Reed 4 Fingers Webbed Paddle Mitt, ii/28
Rosker Nokian Trimmi Boots - Bogtrotters are back, iv/43
Salewa Puez Pants - Also ideal for canoeing, iv/43
SealSkinz WaterBlocker, Mid-Light and Waterproof Breathable Gloves - Warm, comfortable and almost watertight, xii/21
Seattle Sports Opti and Cyclone Drybags - Transparent and compressible, iii/24
Shock Wave Cordura Dry SW507 and Rodeo Vest SW100 - Kit for onerous conditions, i/37
Stahlsac Deluxe Mesh Packpack WD16 - Letting your wet kit breathe, viii/20
Tango Equinox 600 - A sociable tent for the family or group, iii/22
Tatonka Barrel - Robust holdalls with plenty of options, v/41
Tatonka Travel Kit and Shaver Kit - Use only lmited by the imagination, v/41
Tekno Safety - Sound reasons for pointless knife, vii/41
Werner Neutral Bent Shaft Blades - Cranks to you and me, vii/40
Whitby Princeton-Tec Matrix LED
and Incandescent Head Torch - Most versatile and efficient torch available, iii/23
Wavesport EZ/Big EZ - Playboat or creeker? ix/18
Yak Vortex - Middle of the range for all round use, vi/40
Touring, i/5, iv/45, v/51, vii/35, viii/26, ix/17, x/20, xi/35, xii/37
2001: a canoeing odyssey, i/46
2001 canoe and kayak buyer’s directory, ii/42
Up the creek, i/18, ii/23, x/20, x/23, xi/47, xii/49
Undercurrents, i/7, ii/9, iii/8, iv/10, v/10, vi/8, vii/8, viii/11, ix/8, x/8, xi/7, xii/8
Under observation [Raasay], vi/22
Urbane tour, An [Clydeport], x/12
Viking route to Odessa, The, v/34
Wading the Tweed, ix/35
Waiting for the weather [St Kilda], ii/22
White Nile:
Africa’s forgotten classic river, i/10
White water diary [England/Wales], v/42
Winged thieves and flying ice [Fox], ii/20
Year in the life of the www.scottishkc, A, vi/46
You say a time and nothing happens [Ganga], i/20, ii/34

Access and environment, i/7, ii/7, iii/10, iv/10, v/12, vi/10, vii/11, viii/10, ix/9, x/10, xi/8, xii/10
All day stroke, The [Kennet &
Avon Canal/Thames], iv/42
Alternative technology, xi/9
Another model quadrathlete in the making, ii/28
Back to the Flannans and the fog!
Bear necessities [Alaska], ix/14
Being, not having [California], ix/22
Best of the best, The [S
Georgia], vii/24
Bits of string and gaffer tape [Avon], iv/17
Books, i/14, ii/14, iii/21, iv/24, v/38, vi/38, vii/35, viii/42, ix/39, x/43, xi/34, xii/40
British army storm Nepal, The, ii/18, iii/24, iv.36
Building the PBK
20, ii/48
Cairngorm open canoe caper, xi/16
Calendar, i/6, ii/6, iii/6, iv/6, v/6, vi/6, vii/6, viii/6, ix/6, x/6, xi/6, xii/6
Canoeing holiday 2000, i/36
Canoeist access map, x/11
Caption Competition, i/58, ii/58, iii/58, iv/58, v/58, vi/58, vii/58, viii/58, ix/58, x/58, xi/57, xii/58
Circuit of the southern Hebrides, A, vi/12
Circumnavigation of Rhodes, A, iii/12
Close encounters of the third kind [French Alps], xi/26
Comfort, security and safety at sea, iv/44
Competition, i/49, ii/52, iii/46, iv/48, v/51, vi/45, vii/46, viii/43, ix/42, x/45, xi/40, xii/45
Bell boat racing, xii/50
Dragon boat racing, vi/51, vii/51, viii/48, ix/53, x/52, xi/46, xii/49
Freestyle, iii/46, iv/50, vi/50, vii/37, viii/53, ix/51, x/50, xi/44, xii/50
Lifeguarding, xi/51
Marathon, vi/45, viii/46, ix/42, x/48, xi/42
Multisport, ii/52, iii/51, iv/48, v/51, vii/52, viii/51, ix/49, xi/43
Polo, ix/45, x/45
Sailing, i/49, vii/52, viii/49, ix/47, xi/48, xii/53
Slalom, i/50, iv/51, vii/46, viii/50, ix/46, x/47, xi/40, xii/51
Sprint, viii/47, ix/48, xi/52, xii/45
Surfing, i/49, vi/51, vii/50, viii/48, xi/53, xii/46
Wild water racing, i/51, iii/50, vii/48, viii/43

Cooloola Christmas, xii/41
Day of Iranian hospitality, A, ix/24
Deceitful intruders, i/24, ii/26, iii/43, iv/38, v/42, vi/36, vii/36
Derrick, i/9, ii/41, iii/10, iv/43, v/15, vi/19, vii/9, viii/35, ix/8, x/19, xi/41, xii/6
‘Does anyone want a fruit pastille?’ [Channel Islands], i/44
Dordogne and the Duke’s expedition, The, vii/43
Doubtful experience, A [New Zealand], viii/22
Down the river of crocodiles [Limpopo], x/22
Annual general dispute, The, ii/3
Demanding change in the DW
Race, ix/3
Far too little, far too late, iv/3
Federalization no excuse for a cartel, v/3
Feet of clay, xii/3
Imagination fired [Wash], iii/3
New campaign for access law reform, xi/3
Ring in the old, i/3
Sad days for British slalom, vii/3
Safety of the DW
Race, vi/3
Time to revive CRACK, viii/3
Whiter than white, x/3
Encounters with Nobbies, viii/27
Eureka! i/18, ii/9, iii/22, iv/46, v/44, vi/39, vii/18, viii/16, ix/18, x/16, xi/19, xii/20
Expedition canoe sailing, xi/28
Expert canoeists caught in whirlpool horror [Lundy], viii/14
Faraway places with strange sounding illnesses, vi/35
Films, i/27, ii/51, ix/17, x/15, xii/18
From the mundane to the extraordinary [Spey], ii/21
Games, xii/18
Girls on top [Charmouth], x/18
Goat boats revisited, v/39
Fleet, The, viii/29
Grand Union Canal - Leicester Line, Northern End, vii/27
Grand Union Canal - Leicester Line, Southern End, iv/29
Holderness Coast, iii/35
Humber Coast, vi/27
Moray Firth - Drummossie Muir Shore, xi/29
Norfolk Coast, xii/29
River Derwent, v/27
River Mersey - Wirral Shore, ii/29
Shropshire Union Canal (Llangollen Branch)
- Western End, x/27
Stainforth &
Keadby Canal, i/29
Wash Coast, The, ix/29
High on the Lion [Ganga], i/10
Hongs and klongs [Phang-nga Bay], xii/12
Hook, xi/24, xii/34
Incident file, i/7, ii/7, iii/11, v/11, vi/11, xi/8, xii/11
Knoydart beckons, xi/20
Letters, i/28, ii/53, iii/33, iv/40, v/15, vi/18, vii/20, viii/19, ix/20, x/17, xi/35, xii/28
Long journey home for a Greenland kayak [W
Greenland], x/12
Lull between storms, v/36
Millenium countdown, i/42
Mind for paddling, i/16
Another one bites the dust, x/18
Genesis of the Plan, ix/17
Lifeboat sinks canoeists, xii/18
Millennium song, i/6
Naked terror [Alps], x/8
Old dogs, new tricks, ii/50
Pinned at the carwash, v/15
River lovers [Yorks], iv/41
When it rained [Lakeland], vii/8
When you are not there, viii/28

Music, x/44
No reason!
[N of Scotland], ii/10, iii/16, iv/18, v/20, vi/20
Nothing much changes [Tiree/Lewis/Pease Bay], vi/42
On the trail of Two in a Tub, iv/41
Paddling anoraks, vii/35
Ashmore, Zippy - Canoe camper has been making up for lost time, ix/41
Baxter, Neil - Scotland’s most underrated canoeist, ii/24
Blain, Phil - Dispelling the notion of the portage, vi/25
Chester Canoe Club - Northwest England’s centre of excellence, x/42
Harrison, Chris, viii/33
Hayle Canoe Club - Wide interests, high enthusiasm and long journeys, iv/27
Hayling Island Canoe Club - Home of the International Canoe, vii/23
Nicoll, Andy - Know more Mr Nice Boy, xi/33
Pinniger, Deb - Seeing the world from the top, v/35
Van Dusen, Ted - Technology for the world’s most advanced nation, iii/28
Walls, Dennis - The West Country’s canoeing kingpin, xii/38
White Rose Canoe Club - Yorkshire’s largest canoe club welcomes everyone, i/17
Queen’s pupils v Arctic mossies, no contest [Finland], vii/14
Radical Writing competition, iv/17
Day of fun, fear and frolic [Etive], iv/34
Rapids and beer, [Tamar], iii/40
Sea kayaking venture in the Channel Islands, A, i/20
To run the wild Vyrnwy, ii/42
Tourists and piers [S
Cornwall], v/19
Rain in Ecuador falls mainly on the rainforest!, The, ix/10
Road to Mingulay, The, xi/10
Rudder, skeg or paddle steering?, ix/26
Running the River Avon from its source, xii/16
So, why does it keep turning?
Stoning and burning of a jet ski, The, ii/43
Symposia, i/22
Taming the Tamur, viii/12
Big Pack Drypack 40 - A black and look through number, iii/38
Watersports Series 2000 - Freedom of information and movement, xi/36
Dry Bags - Size matters but windows help, vii/42
Extreme Ranger Trousers - Durable made to measure trousers, vii/41
Grendine Rider Sportive and Hi-Tec Monsoon - Footwear for during and after canoeing, ix/38
Aluminium 10”Dutch Oven - Avery versatile cooking facility, ii/42
Integral Designs Sola and North Face Himalayan Hotel - Space frame tents of contrasting sizes, i/34
Janautica Anadyr and Seal - Italians enter our touring market, v/48
Kayak paddles revisited, xii/44
Lendal Paddlok System and Double Dutch Genius - Multiple choice options in paddles, ix/36
Marsport Canoe and Kayak Trolleys - Robust all terrain transport, xii/43
Marsport Uprights - Roofracks parts with care, xii/44
Mobile Adventure Minuet and Merengue - Freestyle, two style and one style, iii/39
Montrail Java GTX - Not ripping up the countryside after all, iii/38
Paramo Explorer Pullover - Warm when wet and fast wicking, vii/40
Perception Method Air - Taking on the ‘Which boat today?’ dilemma, viii/36
Pile and Pertex Clothing - The best cold weather clothing available, xi/38
Pioneer Expedition Ration Packs - Light and convenient food packs, x/39
Pyranha h2 - The Ina Zone’s river running big brother, i/33
Pyranha Ranger - Pyranha’s first polyethylene sandwich canoe, viii/38
Radical Moves Gigolo XS and Hooker - A groovy entry level surf boat and a specialized wave tool, ix/32
Reed Chill Cheater - Like a thin, flexible neoprene top, i/35
Rescue Knives - Carry a secured sharp knife, x/40
Sawyer Voyager, Rogue Whitewater and Manta Dual Bend - Fine examples of the paddle maker’s art, x/10
SealSkinz Waterproof Gloves - Seamless stretch fit waterproof gloves, xi/37
Sports Gyrociser - Arm muscle strengthener like a possessed cricket ball, v/50
Werner Quest - Werner’s most popular paddle, v/49
Wilderness Systems Cape Horn - Long, straight and comfortable, xii/42
Wild Things Wild One - A custom rotomoulded GP
kayak, viii/37
3 or 5?Days or grades? [Bahal], v/16
Touring, i/48, ii/51, iv/47, vii/22, viii/34, ix/17, x/35, xi/18, xii/19
2000 canoe and kayak buyer’s directory, ii/33
Ultimate nightmare trip with the AWB, The, i/47
Up the creek, i/36, ii/38, iii/23, iv/47, v/52, vii/21, viii/17, ix/10, x/8, xi/35, xii/18
Undercurrents, i/8, ii/8, iii/8, iv/8, v/9, vi/9, vii/9, viii/9, ix/8, x/9, xi/7, xii/8
Weather window of opportunity, A [Monach isles], viii/40
We chose not to choose a miserable Christmas [Grande], xii/36
When the Lakes are low [Kent/Leven], iv/14
Whole year weather outlook, The, i/31
Win yourself a pair of Hi-Tech Monsoons, ix/38
You say a time and nothing happens [Ganga], xii/24

of preventing malaria, The, viii/12
Above Lava, i/10
Access and environment, i/8, ii/10, iii/10, iv/11, v/10, vi/10, vii/12, viii/8, ix/10, x/9, xi/7, xii/7
Around Rathlin by war canoe, x/16
Books, i/22, ii/27, iii/25, iv/18, v/19, vi/17, viii/19, ix/15, x/14, xi/14, xii/12
Calendar, i/6, ii/6, iii/6, iv/6, v/6, vi/6, vii/6, viii/6, ix/6, x/6, xi/6, xii/6
Call of the wild, The [N
Tyne/Ullswater], viii/36
Canoeing Christmas present ideas, xii/14
Canoeing holiday 99, i/23
Canoe skills of the old working boatmen, i/40, ii/20
Caption Competition, i/58, ii/58, iii/58, iv/58, v/58, vi/58, vii/58, viii/58, ix/58, x/58, xi/58, xii/58
Challenging the senses [Nepal], ii/36
Competition, i/46, ii/49, iii/45, iv/52, v/52, vi/46, vii/44, viii/46, ix/38, x/46, xi/38, xii/41
Bell boat racing, xii/49
Dragon boat racing, vii/44, viii/48, ix/50, x/52, xi/49, xii/50
Freestyle, ii/52, iii/45, vi/50, vii/52, viii/52, ix/52
Lifeguarding, xi/44
Marathon, i/51, ii/49, iii/52, iv/52, vi/46, vii/48, viii/51, ix/41, x/46, xi/48, xii/41
Polo, iv/52, viii/50, ix/46, x/50, xii/48
Sailing, i/50, vii/51, viii/46, ix/38, x/53, xii/47
Slalom, i/48, iii/51, iv/53, vii/47, viii/47, ix/48, x/50, xi/38, xii/51
Sprint, xi/46
Surfing, i/50, vi/49, vii/52, viii/52, xi/43, xii/51
Wild water racing, i/46, vii/46
Crash test dummies [Tiree], vii/36
Deceitful intruders, iv/37, v/41, vi/42, vii/40, viii/44, ix/36, x/22, xi/24, xii/24
Derrick, i/28, ii/38, iii/24, iv/47, v/39, vi/41, vii/37, viii/50, ix/54, x/9, xi/53, xii/8
Dolphins of Seil Sound, The, xi/17
Don’t do the Zara Chu, iv/12
Dram, the damned and the dream, The, i/16
Eager for beaver?
[Scotland], i/20
Eliminating the penalty shootout, i/3
Giving kids a sporting chance, vii/3
Insignificant sport, A, x/3
Issue 200 compliance, viii/3
New HP
rules for whose benefit?, iii/3
Plaything of an idle hour, The, ii/3
Protocol priorities, xi/3
Redefining race mass starts, ix/3
Ships that pass in the night, vi/3
So easy to ignore, iv/3
Wishing Geoff well, v/3
Young people at their best, xii/3

End of an era for Gaybo, ii/22
Eureka! i/44, ii/21, iii/38, iv/36, v/38, vi/39, vii/18, viii/24, ix/24, x/20, xi/20, xii/18
Exploring North America’s West Coast
Gwaii Haanas, Queen Charlotte islands, iv/20
Searching for sea otters in Prince William Sound, v/22
With the bears and whales of Glacier Bay, iii/12
Fancy a dirty weekend? iv/51
Films, ii/38, iv/17, vi.43, vii/17, ix/28, xi/28, xii/28
First aid and safety equipment for river paddlers, iii/43
First white water, the Zambezi Gorge, i/41
Future in retrospect, x/42
Galicia, vii/14
God didn’t dam it! [Otta], i/17
Great to be back in Chile, ii/12
Cleveland Coast, ix/29
Devil’s Water, v/29
Loch Linnhe - Kingairloch Shore, ii/29
Northumberland Coast, iii/29
North Yorkshire Coast, xii/29
Oxford Canal - Northern Section, i/29
Oxford Canal - Southern End, vii/27
Oxford Canal - Southern Section Northern End, iv/29
River Dun Navigation, x/27
River Forth - Falkirk Shore, viii/27
South Drove Drain, xi/29
Tyne &
Wear Coast, vi/27
Guide to the guides, iii/34
Half a record [W
Scotland], x/24
Here be dragons, vi/35
How do the Slovaks do it? viii/38
Inca quest [Lake Titicaca], x/10
Incident file, iii/11, iv/10, v/9, vi/11, x/9
In search of the Kazakh Camel [Turgusen], iv/44
Killer whales and black bears in Johnstone Strait, viii/10
Letters, i/12, ii/16, iii/17, iv/39, v/27, vi/19, vii/23, viii/26, ix/22, x/34, xi/33, xii/17
Locks and
lochs [Caledonian Canal [x/43]
Millenium countdown, vi/44, vii/38, viii/42, ix/34, x/36, xi/36, xii/36
Approaching an Indian village [Ninstints], xi/27
Enlightenment [Ramsey Sound], viii/26
Going with the flow, ii/16
If all else fails, iii/19
In the dark [Dee estuary], iv/19
Like grannies, love affairs and Christmas [N
Uist], xii/33
Loch Lomond with wallabies, vii/22
Poetry in motion [Danube], vi/38
Real holiday, A [Menorca], i/9
Sense of achievement, A [Exe estuary], v/37
New Nene Whitewater Centre, The, ix/16
1999 canoe and kayak buyer’s directory, ii/39
North from St Petersburg, i/36
Not bad for novices [Danube], iii/40
Not mentioned in the brochure [Tummel/Tay], v/12
Once in a lifetime event, A [Etive], xi/10
One of Europe’s best kept canoeing secrets [Loire], xi/16
Orcas around Skomer, ii/46
Paddling fitness
Eat and drink yourself fit, v/34
Fit to paddle?, iii/22
Stay fit, stay flexible, iv/26
Preseli Challenge, The, ii/18
Brabants, Tim - Lottery support from the start, v/33
Deschner, Whit - The blame for starting this reckless behaviour, iii/21
Elmbridge Canoe Club - Britain’s top marathon and sprint club, i/13
Haslam, Mike - The reason for dragon boat racing’s success, ix/26
Holmes, Conor - Why an Irish racer should be London based, viii/35
Intercity Paddlers Bonsai - Growth will be anything but stunted, x/35
Noble, Lester - World class in three sports, xi/35
Riverside Centre - Building on the Byde legacy, vii/25
Sims, Lamar - We... will be back, xii/13
Sladden, Chris - Telling the world about Welsh rivers, vi/22
Timms, Bob - Preparing to paddle to Australia, ii/17
Weymouth Canoe Lifeguards - SW
Volunteer Action Awards winners, iv/25
Pro Patria mori, viii/13
Radical Writing competition, iv/17
Capsizes [Mid Welsh coast], xii/16
Lleyn peninsula sea kayaking trip, ix/20
London’s lost route to the sea?
[Littlehampton - London], viii/20
Radical change of philosophy, A [Dee], x/18
Radical moves in Norfolk, xi/19
Rainy season, The [Costa Rica}, ix/12
Record North Sea crossing, A, xii/10
Sea kayaks in Chile with Raleigh International, iii/44
Setting the quintuple quadrathlon record, xii/27
Severn valley and the football world cup, The, iv/42
Solo round the British Isles, i/14, ii/24
Spud, iii/39, iv/17, v/28, vi/18, vii/51
Swiftwater, v/50
Surfing in the spring, iii/24
Symposia, vii/37, viii/40, x/38, xii/21
AquaPure and AquaSol - Easy to use water purifiers, v/45
Wilderness Medical Kit - Using modern materials and medicines, vi/24
Belfield Tide Plotter 2000 - Calculating the tides by computer, xii/38
Birch Creek Canoe - Glass with class, x/40
Proline Vest and Thermal Gloves - Breathable neoprene clothing, xii/39
Coleman Unleaded Sportster II - A quick boiling and economical stove, x/41
Craghopper Spire - For protection against wind and rain, viii/41
Descente Fusion - Moving water, air and rocks, vi/26
Hi-Tec Aquaterra and Merrell Jungle Slide - New forms of hybrid footwear, ii/34
Hi-Tec Cuda - Quick drying shoes suit open canoes, xii/38
Jumbo Canyon and Sioux - Easily transportable white water canoes, v/44
Kayak Carrier Systems V
Keel Line Kayak Cradle and Thule Paddle Park - Quicker access to roofrack systems, ii/33
Marmot DriClime Windshirt - A truly multifunctional windshirt, i/33
Merrell Molokai II - Comfort arrives for sports sandals, vi/25
North Face Nebula, Terra Nova Ultra Quasar and Marmot Bastille - 2 man geodesic dome tents for space, iv/40
Ortlieb Folding Bowls and Water Carrier - The first item on your wild camping list, x/42
Power Gel - Sustained and convenient energy store, viii/40
Pyranha Metallocene - Pyranha address their plastic demon, vii/35
Radical Moves Gigolo - Putting smiles back onto faces, i/34
Radical Moves Sea Squirt - At last a sea kayak for the small user, iii/42
Swallow Sandpiper - A responsive kit sailing canoe to build, v/43
Yak Watersports and Double Lined Gloves - Getting a grip on winter conditions, i/35
That will disturb the birds [Western Haven], iv/41
Through Africa by Klepper [Okavango Delta], xi/23
To run the Spey, v/46
Touring, i/9, ii/28, vi/41, vii/26, viii/40, ix/22, xi/19
Traditional boats and bikes at Henley, ix/23
Travels with a projector, vi/12
Two’s company
An der Schönen blauen Donau, iii/36
Angling doggedly [Coniston Water], ii/26
Canoeing in the Algonquin, iv/34
Needle trip, i/22
River Wharf at Collingham, The, vii/16
Summer trip for two, A [Kent}, v/36
Wildlife’s a crowd, The [Zambezi], vi/36
Up the creek, i/23, ii/9, iii/7, iv/10, v/51, vi/38, vii/13, viii/12, ix/8, x/21, xi/34, xii/17
Undercurrents, i/7, ii/8, iii/9, iv/9, v/8, vi/8, vii/10, viii/9, ix/8, x/8, xi/8, xii/8
Wave ski Ireland, vi/21
Web surfing, v/11
What else did you get for Christmas? i/21
[Scotland] viii/14
Why do quadrathlons? x/33
Winds of the Hebrides [Lewis and Harris], iv/48
Win membership of the adventure club, viii/11
World dragon boat racing championships, viii/7

Access and environment, i/10, ii/8, iii/10, iv/10, v/12, vi/12, vii/9, viii/10, ix/10, x/10, xi/8, xii/10
Akademic, the dog, the dwarf and the bimbo, The [Tsarap/Zanskar], viii/14
And now in stereo..., xi/34
Barbados or the Exe Descent, iv/22
Books, i/39, ii/38, iii/47, iv/40, v/38, vi/18, vii/18, viii/28, ix/20, x/21, xi/22, xii/34
Brain haemorrhage is not the end of the worlds, vi/40
Calendar, i/7, ii/6, iii/6, iv/6, v/6, vi/6, vii/6, viii/6, ix/6, x/6, xi/6, xii/6
Canoeing Christmas present ideas, xii/14
Canoeing holiday 98, i/20
Canoe skills of the old working boatmen, vi/11, vii/22, viii/27, ix/9, x/8, xi/14, xii/26
Caption Competition, i/58, ii/58, iii/58, iv/58, v/58, vi/58, vii/58, viii/58, ix/58, x/58, xi/58, xii/58
Challenge of the Hebrides, v/16
Chasing the dragons [English Channel], i/28
Close encounters of the Alpine kind, x/40
Club Paramount’s 5th birthday [Bewdley], xi/20
Coast to coast in New Zealand, ii/26
Colorado Rocky Mountain high, iv/18
Competition, i/46, ii/50, iii/51, iv/53, v/52, vi/46, vii/49, viii/44, ix/41, x/45, xi/42, xii/43
Dragon boat racing, i/49, vii/53, viii/50, ix/54, x/51, xi/52, xii/43
Freestyle, vi/50, vii/49, ix/45, xi/49, xii/53
Marathon, ii/50, iii/51, v/52, vi/46, vii/49, viii/48, ix/41, x/50, xi/50, xii/48
Polo, ix/50, x/45, xii/46
Sailing, i/48, ix/52, x/47, xii/53
Slalom, i/46, viii/52, ix/53, x/45, xi/46, xii/50
Sprint, i/52, ix/48, x/46
Surfing, ii/52, v/53, vi/51, vii/52, viii/53, x/53, xi/42, xii/52
Wild water racing, viii/44, ix/52
Derrick, i/25, ii/23, iii/47, iv/38, v/11, vi/13, vii/54, viii/9, ix/26, x/8, xi/48, xii/9
Designing and building a sea kayak, vi/43
Diamonds thrown in my face [Skye], iv/12
Dog is for life, A, xii/16
Dragon takes on Nessie, A [L
Ness], ix/16
Dreaming of a warm, wet and cheap Christmas [Sri Lanka], xii/12
Are McTavish’s Oatcakes really that popular? v/3
Beating the jams, iii/3
Cheap booze or baggage, x/3
Communicating with the members, viii/3
Global shopping or closed shops, xi/3
Holme Pierrepont salmon course, i/3
How much is it worth? i/3
Right to fail, The, xii/3
Something to show for debt writeoffs, vii/3
Twenty five years of the Tryweryn, ix/3
When the revolution comes, ivi/3
White, brown, green and blue, iv/3
Effective learning, vii/27
Emma’s story [Wye], ii/14
Ernest’s last flight, ii/23
Escape from Tuna Chiguaza, vi/14
i/26, ii/24, iii/28, iv/35, v/26, vi/36, vii/34, viii/34, ix/22, x/14, xi/18, xii/24
Fastnet frolics, vii/46
Fighting the floods [Oxford Canal], ix/18
Films, i/25, ii/22, iii/27, iv/42, vii/44, ix/26, xi/40, xii/26
First Glen Macgregor Memorial Paddle, The [Cape of Good Hope], v/24
Angus Coast, iii/33
Ashby-de-la-Zouch Canal, x/29
Borders Coast, xii/29
Chichester Channel, viii/29
East Lothian Coast, ix/29
Fife Coast, vi/27
Grantham Canal, i/29
River Adur, ii/29
River Blyth, xi/29
River Foss, v.33
Rochdale Canal - Greater Manchester End, vii/29
Rochdale Canal - West Yorkshire End, iv/27
Guide to the guides, iii/38
Henley Olympics 50 years on, x/42
High flyers, vii/23
How not to build your own canoe, vi/42
Incident file, iii/11, iv/10, vi/12, vii/11, viii/13, ix/10, x/11, xi/8, xii/11
Inflated we go, iv/50
Intimate tales of a shuttle bunny [Venezia and Alps], iii/24
Islands of Nova Scotia, vii/12
Karnali knowledge, x/33
Kayak and curry heaven [Nepal], i/12
K1 kruising, vi/16
Learning curve, The, ix/27, xii/42
Letters, i/38, ii/22, iii/26, iv/36, v/29, vi/12, viii/43, ix/39, x/28, xi/15, xii/17
Life is good [L
Shiel], vii/43
Looming birthday deadline, The [L
Morar/LNevis], v/42
Meandering in the marshes [Blakeney], iv/39
Mission Impossible, xii/18
Busy, busy, busy [Oxford Canal], xi/15
Close encounters [Scottish west coast], x/17
Found under a bush [Bourg St Maurice], viii/27
Freak wave, iv/11
Inner calm [NE
Greenland], i/39
Insomnia [S
Devon], ii/40
Just a perfect day [Scottish coast], vi/35
Lucy in the sky with diamonds [Gt Ouse], iii/49
Night shift, The [Wales], v/15
Playing the tides [Portsea Island], xii/17
Silent world, A, vii/26
You’ll never get me doing that [Spey], ix/21
My quadruple quadrathlon for Frank Sinatra [Santa Barabara], ix/23
Natural form of racing, The, vi/13
New world emergency paddle signal for sea kayaks, A, ii/36
1998 canoe and kayak buyer’s directory, ii/43
On foot to the River Ling, x/12
Ostrich Syndrome, iv/21
Our top 50 contributors, iii/43
Paddling in the ice [Scoresby Sound], ix/12
Paddling on the Web, iv/11
Paid to paddle [French Alps], xi/27
Playing with Sabrina [Shrewsbury Weir], iv/42
Playtime in God’s country [New Zealand], ii/49
Portugal through the back door [Douro], vii/38, viii/38, ix/34
Batchworth Dragons - New concepts in teamwork, vii/36
Begent, Peter - 50 years of brass neck, vi/38
Davey, Trish - The challenge defined, v/45
Earl of Mar &
Kellie, The - The noble lord had a feeling for the matter, xii/22
Herts Young Mariners Adventure Club - Where Cliff went in the summer holidays, iv/43
Northampton Canoe Club - We now have something to celebrate, x/16
Perrett, Bernard - Introducing the winners of the future, iii/40
Pountney, Robin - How Welsh Sunday pub opening helped wave skis develop, ix/17
Ratcliffe, Paul - From a bottle of milk to the world cup, xi/16
Teignbridge Canoe Club - A blueprint for success, i/45
Thomas, Bethan - Not just for macho young males, ii/41
Whiting, Andy - From freestyle into slalom, against the trend, viii/23
Rabioux reputation regained, i/36
Remembering trips from earlier days
Boat with back trouble, A, ii/35
Circumnavigation of the East Riding, The, iii/44
Rise and demise of the folder, The, iii/45
River Torridge, The, x/22, xi/24
Round Knight Island, x/18
Sawing the lady in half, ix/24
Scottish Canoe Exhibition with reservations, The, i/38
Sea kayak racing, ii/25
Severn up, vii/43
Solo round the British Isles, x/25, xi/8, xii/20
South Nahanni River, The, iii/14, iv/46
Southwest peninsula challenge, i/40
Sporting spirit is dying out, The, vii/16
Temiscamie, viii/24
Aquabar Accessories - Strongest support comes from non users, x/39
Aqua-Bound Vortex - Strongest paddles in the world, probably, vii/21
Canoe Control - For alpine novice to advanced paddlers, i/16
Celt Boots - Warm, comfortable and sweet for feet, xii/39
Circle One Fusion Wetsuit and Youth Buoyancy Aid - Kids need keeping warm, too, iv/25
Crazy Creek Chairs - For outdoor living, not camping, viii/20
Dagger Atlantis - Ideal for creeks, estuaries and beyond, vi/23
Dagger Gradient - A
clever combination footrest concept, x/38
Dagger Piedra - The Animas is scaled down, vii/20
Eco-Trekker and Sigg Fire-Jet and Inoxal - Camp cooking with fuel options, v/22
Equator Expeditions - Bonding with Herbie [Nepal], i/18
Eskimo Cerro - The replacement for the Gattino, vi/24
Feathercraft K2 and K1 Expedition - Something for the weekend, iii/98
Gore WindStopper - Light, warm and comfortable garments, iv/24
Grey Owl Paddles - Paddles with breeding, v/23
EasyLoader - The difference between paddling and not, ii/19
Marmot Eco Sweater - Made from old plastic bottles, xii/38
Mega Evolution - The lightest kayak you can buy, v/21
Mobile Adventure Interlude - A canoe which does everything well, viii/21
Mobile Adventure Paddleboy - Hassle free portaging, iv/26
Mobile Adventure Paddle Jacket and Hot Salopettes - Anglers buy canoe clothing, iii/19
Mukluks Stormsure - A glue for damaged kit, ix/15
North Shore Buccaneer and Polar Buccaneer - Putting the fun back into sea kayaks, iii/20
Old Town Cascade - Versatile and trustworthy in big water, ii/20
Porelle Drys - Machine washable waterproof socks, xi/40
Pyranha Attak and Storm - Both ends of the rodeo price range, vi/19
Pyranha Micro 240 - The courage to try bigger volume rivers, i/17
Radical Moves Stealth - A playboat for the soul surfer, xi/39
Ras Dex Generation 2 Skinwear - Maybe even too warm, vii/22
Sigg Bottles for Kids - Practical and colourful for kids’ drinks, viii/22
Synthetic Duvet Jackets - More suited to the British climate, ii/18
Three men in two boats [Severn], viii/42
To paddle a mountain and climb a canal [Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal], vi/44
Touring, i/25, iii/12, viii/43, ix/38, x/15, xii/40
Two’s company
Almost up the creek [Coniston Water], ix/40
... And the third’s an inflatable shark called Billy [Nottingham], vi/25
City of dreaming spires or city of a thousand bridges [Oxford], iv/44
Cold padd-lin’ on da nightshift [Huddersfield Broad Canal], v/46
Convinced that you’re a canoeist? [Tamar], x/36
Lack fluster paddle, A [E
Midlands], xi/36
Pawlata Twins try the Tryweryn, The, ii/34
Pleasures beyond our Ken, vii/24
Plover’s progress:
her maiden voyage [Trent], i/34
River Stour, Canterbury to Grove Ferry, iii/42
Soul mate [Monmouthshire &
Brecon Canal], viii/37
What is it like in Scotland? [L
Shiel], xii/36
Undercurrents, i/8, ii/7, iii/8, iv/9, v/9, vi/10, vii/8, viii/9, ix/9, x/8, xi/7, xii/8
Up the creek, i/9, ii/7, iii/9, iv/36, v/23, vi/18, viii/36, ix/8, x/10, xi/45, xii/17
What’s in a name? vi/41
White &
Blue [Leuven], xii/27
Why not try canoeing?
[Severn], xi/20
Wilderness jewel of the Yukon [Bonnet Plume], ii/10
Winter training, v/48
W is for Wobbly Bees, Whisky and White Reindeer [L
Lomond], xii/38
Working away [Rawai], i/37
World wave ski championships, ix/8
You know how it starts [Caledonian Canal], xi/10

1997 Access and environment, i/9, ii/8, iii/9, iv/10, v/12, vi/10, vii/9, viii/10, ix/9, x/9, xi/9, xii/8 Alternative Turkey, vii/14 Aquatic hiking in the Highlands, xi/10 Are we destroying the river environment in Nepal? vi/18 Avoiding the alligators [Florida], ix/22 Books, i/50, ii/44, iii/48, iv/34, v/36, vi/23, vii/40, viii/38, ix/35, x/39, xi/16, xii/18 Borderline conditions [Finnish/Swedish border], iii/18 Bright, shining ideas for Christmas, xii/14 Buccaneers, The Dry land slalom practice, vii/45 Suitably attired, iv/46 Built to win, vii/44 Buying a custom wave ski, ix/34 Calendar, i/6, ii/6, iii/6, iv/6, v/6, vi/6, vii/6, viii/6, ix/6, x/6, xi/6, xii/6 Camel Trophy Mongolia 1997 selection, iii/58 Canoeing amongst hippos [Okavango Delta], xi/39 Canoeing holiday 97, i/26 Caption Competition, i/66, ii/58, iii/66, iv/58, v/58, vi/58, vii/58, viii/58, ix/58, x/58, xi/58, xii/58 Charlotte & her totems, ix/10 Cheat and win, i/20 Christmas paddling [Phang Naa Bay]. xii/10 Competition, i/51, ii/50, iii/59, iv/51, v/51, vi/47, vii/49, viii/45, ix/44, x/45, xi/44, xii/42 Dragon boat racing, i/56, vi/51, vii/50, viii/48, ix/44, x/48, xii/48 Marathon, vi/47, viii/46, ix/51, x/51, xi/48, xii/48 Polo, i/51, viii/47, ix/47, x/45, xii/51 Rodeo, iii/59, vi/50, ix/47, x/49, xi/44 Sailing, i/58, ii/50, vii/49, viii/52, ix/50, x/45, xii/52 Slalom, i/55, iii/59, iv/51, v/51, viii/45, ix/49, x/45, xii/46 Sprint, ix/48 Surfing, i/53, viii/50, x/47, xi/52, xii/42 Wild water racing, ii/51, vii/49, viii/49, xii/52 Conversation stopper, vi/14 Derrick, i/26, ii/42, iii/19, iv/52, v/8, vi/46, vii/23, viii/14, ix/40, x/28, xii/7 Derrick’s kayak and canoeing unabridged guidebook of rare and pithy sayings, xi/34 Does canoeing disturb angling? vi/16 Dusky maidens and guilded palaces [India], iv/12 Editorial But will it be slalom? iii/3 Distinguishing dreams from reality, v/3 Fitness for purpose, ii/3 Half a loaf, x/3 Hippie in our souls, The, i/3 Mutual admiration show, The, viii/3 On different wavelengths, xii/3 Remembering trips from earlier days, xi/3 Resolving the youth problem, iv/3 Show must go on, The, ix/3 State of the art, vi/3 Wider implications of the Wye, The, vii/3 Enthusiasts playing at being businessmen, ii/22 Environmental protection, iii/15 Eureka! i/18, ii/16, iii/30, iv/26, v/20, vi/22, vii/24, viii/24, ix/18, x/22, xi/17, xii/20 50 years of hardship and glory, vi/44 Films, i/21, ii/46, v/36, vi/24, vii/21, ix/28, x/40, xi/16, xii/38 First idiots in plastic kayaks, The [Magdalena], ix/38 Freelance in South America, iv/22 From the comfort of your armchair, iii/58 Getting to grips with Modern knifed J, The, viii/23 Side slipping a double canoe, v/48 Small stoppers, iii/57 Tracking a canoe upstream, vi/42 Using your head, iv/48 Goats ate my surfboard, iv/33 Golf in Owyhee, iv/42 Guide Coventry Canal - Northern End, iv/29 Coventry Canal - Southern End, i/31 Forth & Clyde Canal - Eastern End, vii/29 Forth & Clyde Canal - Western End, x/29 Jury’s Gut Sewer, ii/29 Moray Coast, iii/37 Newham Drain, v/29 North Aberdeenshire Coast, vi/27 Northeast Aberdeenshire Coast, ix/29 River East Allen, viii/29 Southeast Aberdeenshire Coast, xii/29 South Forty Foot Drain, xi/29 Guide to the guides, iii/44 Half rule theory [S Devon coast], x/38 Improved phonetic alphabet, iv/52 Incident file, i/9, iii/9, v/14, viii/14, ix/9, x/9, xii/9 Islands on the edge of the world [Uist], vii/20 Isle de la Serre white water course, The, vii/17 Isolated showers, vii/21 Keep smiling, the criminal approach [Dordogne], iii/24 Last of the big ones [Thuli Bheri/Bheri], iii/10 Letters, i/25, ii/18, iii/50, iv/21, v/14, vi/15, vii/18, viii/16, ix/15, x/16, xi/17, xii/16 Living history, xii/39 Meet Lin, iv/49 Memories of Brazil, xii/13 Monologue for three voices, A, x/36 Moods Brief encounter, v/50 Dances with waves [Benbecula], vii/26 Dawn patrol, ix/41 Ouch! [Alps], iv/33 Paddle your own canoe [Dart], iii/45 | Pentland poets, xii/19 Remembrance [Dart], xi/6 So Pawlata can wait, vi/10 Wherthyn, the green canoe, x/28 Motion analysis of canoe polo, vii/36 1997 canoe and kayak buyer’s directory, ii/38 Norway’s Kingdom of Islands [Solund], iii/20 Okavango Over 50 Expedition, The, x/11 Old Fort William, iii/32 Paddlesurf ’97, ix/7 Party policies on access, iv/19 Peloponnesian Odyssey, i/42 Pleasures of a wrecked canoe, The [Cook Strait], v/24 Potted history of kayak surfing, A, ix/21 Preparing for Brazil, x/28 Problem with wave skis, The, i/49 Problem yok [Turkey], v/16 Profile Bapty, Sonja - Career moves pay off, xi/33 Blandford, Percy - The most important contributor to British canoeing this century, iii/28 Club Paramount - Promoting family canoeing, iv/25 Coyles, Ginny - Captain of the world champions, viii/35 Lawler, Di - Making sprint regattas happen, xii/26 Leeds Canoe Club - The cradle of canoeing in Yorkshire, vii/27 Rossiter, Jim - 25 years of marathon team management, vi/21 Stourbridge Arm Canoe Club - No way to run a race, x/41 Westel Canoe Club - Telephone for details of the top touring club, i/39 Whewell, Edgar - Splendour from the grime, ix/24 Wigmore, Louise - Britain’s one competitive female squirt paddler, ii/35 Young, Vicky - Crossed boundaries and new alignments, v/19 Pump up the dark side [Holcombe/Changuinolo], x/24 Recording our deteriorating kayaks, i/48 Reminscences, iii/52 Return of the has beens [Grand Canyon of the Colorado], ii/10 Rodeo, ii/46, v/14 Rodeo sponsorship, vii/38 Scottish recreational paddle representation, vii/47 Screw roll, the simple-ish way, xi/41 Sea game, The [Highland W coast], i/12 SeaSearch wordsearch, vi/20 Selection and funding, ii/45 Shannon under sail, The, i/44 Shifting rocks [Appalachians], ii/25 Skye’s the limit, i/15 Slalom has changed, viii/36 Solo across the outback, ii/33, iv/39, v/43 Somerfield SpARKs Canoe Challenge, The, i/10 So, that’s it, then [Finnish/Swedish border], vii/22 South coast is for sea kayaks, The [S Cornwall], ix/42 Southwest peninsula challenge, xi/22, xii/34 Spot the seagull competition, iv/9 Swallowed Falls, The, x/44 Symposia, viii/20, ix/17, xii/17 Test Birch Creek Malamut - A very feely touchy boat, viii/19 Brittany School of Adventure - A foreign centre with minimal travelling, i/22 C Bear CB100 Undersuit - Windproof, showerproof and very warm, vi/35 Circle One Adjustable Spraydeck - Available in just your size, ix/16 Circle One Rafting Wetsuit - Mix and match approach to wetsuits, ix/16 Five Ten Water Tennie - For hard use in both the wet and the dry, x/21 Kayak Carrier Systems Kayak Slings - Spreading the load, iii/27 Leatherman - Instant toolbox for boat adjustment, v/34 Malden Mills Polartec Windbloc - Windproof, water resistant fleece, xi/18 Marmot Women’s Range - Tailor made for the female figure, x/20 Mobile Adventure Symphony and Melody - Orchestrating the Song of the Paddle, xii/24 Petzl Ball Lock Karabiners - Grit proof for one handed use, ix/16 Pyranha Master Lite - Stable and straight running for children, xii/23 Pyranha Razor - Opening up lots of new taily moves, v/33 Pyranha Stunt 300 - After one year’s hard use, vi/36 River Shoes - Durable footwear for the winter, xii/22 Seal Line Deck Bag - What you want where you want it, iii/27 ShipShape Fleece Shorts - Cheap and cheerfully practical shorts, vii/25 Thermal Concepts Chillbuster - A continuous source of winter warmth, i/25 Tyrone Carrick - The evolving performance sailing canoe, xi/20 To Coll and back, xi/14 To infinity and beyond [Lundy], v,40 Too nervous to sleep [Quijos], vii/46 Touring, ii/47, v/35, vii/12, viii/27, ix/20, x/19, xii/17 Trouble with swans, iv/36 Two’s company Ardeche Gorge Expedition, viii/41 Dogdays, xi/27 Hannah and Barbara on tour [France], ii/36 If you go down to the woods today [Bowron Lake Provincial Park], x/34 Islands of nether Lorn, The, vi/38 Paddling through porridge [Pocklington Canal], i/40 Piel sea fairies, v/38 Reflections [W Country], iv/38 Relaxing paddle, A [Carrick Roads], iii/51 Rivers & rapids [Dart], ix/26 Travelogue of two thirty somethings, vii/42 Uisce beatha [Ireland], v/46 Undercurrents, i/8, ii/7, iii/8, iv/8, v/10, vi/9, vii/8, viii/8, ix/8, x/8, xi/8, xii/6 Up the creek, i/9, iii/17, iv/46, viii/9, ix/9, x/9, xi/9, xii/8 Vertically challenged, xi/42 Vidiot for the gorbs, A [Ottawa], vi/12 Viva el kayak [Andalucia], x/42 Western Canada’s wild rivers, i/17 When is a canoe not a canoe? v/15 Where and when to surf, v/35 Why do all the books go on about charts? ii/20 Wings over the waves [North Sea], xi/36 You are so powerfully attractive today [Kennet & Avon Canal/Thames], vii/34 Zambezi, iii/54
1996 Access and environment, i/8, ii/8, iii/8, iv/9, v/12, vi/9, vii/10, viii/8, ix/8, x/8, xi/9, xii/9 Alert and listening [Paucartambo], vii/20 All hands on deck, iii/53 All hope is lost: God save the Queen [Orkney], x/10 Amateur’s view of the Bitches, An, v/52 Any time of night [Skagafjorder], iii/10 Are ICF Olympic boat design rules holding back our sport? vii/16 Books, i/42, ii/22, iii/28, iv/45, v/53, vi/47, vii/52, viii/28, ix/40, x/22, xi/28, xii/30 Border news, iv/49, v/50, vi/44, viii/30, ix/30 Bristol to Reading, viii/23 Calendar, i/5, ii/5, iii/5, iv/5, v/5, vi/5, vii/5, viii/5, ix/5, x/5, xi/6, xii/6 Canoeing holiday 96, i/24 Caption Competition, i/66, ii/66, iii/66, iv/66, v/66, vi/66, vii/66, viii/66, ix/66, x/66, xi/66, xii/66 Challenging the Western Isles, x/41 Changes to the BCU coaching scheme, v/10 Christmas presents, xii/22 Competition, i/54, ii/56, iii/56, iv/56, v/55, vi/50, vii/54, viii/48, ix/50, x/42, xi/42, xii/45 Bell boat racing, viii/57 Dragon boat racing, i/57, ii/58, vi/53, vii/57, viii/54, ix/51, x/53, xi/55, xii/54 Lifeguarding, xii/52 Marathon, i/54, ii/56, iv/56, viii/48, ix/50, x/49, xi/48, xii/45 Polo, v/55, viii/49, ix/54, x/51, xi/45, xii/51 Rodeo, vii/54, x/55, xi/44 Sailing, i/56, vii/56, ix/56, xi/43, xii/47 Slalom, i/59, iii/56, iv/57, v/56, vi/50, vii/56, viii/51, ix/57, x/42, xi/46, xii/53 Sprint, vi/52, x/47 Surfing, i/58, ii/57, vi/53, vii/56, viii/52, ix/56, xii/45 Wild water racing, i/55, ii/58, v/55 Corsican pilgrims, iv/10 Costa del Mi–o, v/45 Costa Rican coffee connoisseurs, xi/10 Derrick, i/48, ii/55, iii/57, iv/6, v/39, vi/9, vii/30, viii/21, ix/23, x/6, xi/26, xii/6 Discarding widow’s weeds [Islay], v/22 Don, Dave, Dan and Dagger [eastern USA], vii/12 Don’t be fooled by a friendly appearance [Till], xi/24 Editorial Absence of touring kayaks, iv/4 Accountability, vii/4 Balancing the books with access, iii/4 Getting paddlers afloat by the score, xii/3 Going to extremes, ii/4 Looking a gift horse in the mouth, viii/4 Nationality within sport, i/4 Sail when you can, xi/3 Sporting prospects, ix/4 Standards and ethics, v/4 Three jam jars, vi/4 Ultimate performance, The, x/4 Eureka, i/14, ii/28, iii/55, iv/24, v/18, vi/24, vii/38, viii/22, ix/20, x/16, xi/16, xii/16 Eye can see clearly now..., vi/13 Films, i/43, ii/23, iii/32, iv/44, ix/21, xii/41 1st epic [Farnes Islands], ix/16 First Tyne descent, The, xi/30 Flannans and fog, vi/22 Following mother duck [English Channel], vi/43 Frank, the cow and other stories [Connemara coast], viii/10 From Rannoch Moor to Spey Bay, iv/16 Gentle jolly on the Lugg, A, vi/30 Guide Babingley R, viii/37 Bridgewater Canal - Main Line, x/31 Caithness Coast, ix/31 Dornoch Firth Coast, xii/33 East Fen Catchwater Drain, ii/37 Medlam Drain, xi/33 Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal - Powys End, iv/37 Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal - Southern End, vii/33 North Highland Coast, vi/33 Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal - Hereford & Worcester End, i/31 River Thurne, v/33 Sutherland Coast, iii/37 Guide to the guides, iii/52 Hamish’s Staircase Ness paddle [Caledonian Canal], v/14 Handy hints and the Poole barbecue trip, i/23 Hidden Tryweryn, The, xii/12 How do the ducks survive? [Derwent Water], iv/13 If you’re on the bank you’re on the menu [Zambezi], i/13 Incident file, i/7, ii/7, v/13, ix/8, x/9, xii/10 In search of the big blob [Sikkim], i/10 Inside story, [W Finland] i/39 Insidious habit, An [Wye], i/10 In the Land of the Long White Cloud [Abel Tasman national park], iii/14 It was ** years ago this month, iii/19, iv/47, v/51, vi/29, vii/19, viii/20, ix/18, x/14, xi/14 Kayak control revisited, ii/48, iv/50 Keeping navigation going on the River Arun, iv/23 Letters, i/30, ii/19, iii/59, iv/53, v/43, vi/40, vii/15, viii/46, x/19, xi/26, xii/18 Letting things slide [Landeck], vi/20 Lower Otz, The, vi/21 Lyme Bay - What the defence might have said, iii/25 Mind of the crocodile, The [Belait], vi/10 Mission Impossible [Ecuador], vii/39 Moods Backup, i/49 Contrast, iii/32 Day in the Alps, A, vii/15 Enchanted place, An [Basingstoke Canal], xii/44 President, the genius and the drain, The [Awe], xi/37 Some dirt on Tony [Bitches], v/50 Waves [Dart], iv/48 Nice long paddle, A [Macclesfield Canal], x/39 1995 index, i/60 1996 canoe and kayak buyer’s directory, ii/51 On location, i/29, ii/30, v/48, vi/26, vii/42, viii/42 Paddler’s library, The, xii/40 Paddling the Smokies, ix/10 Peloponnesian odyssey, i/20, ii/14, iii/46, iv/28, v/40, vi/38, vii/44, viii/44, ix/44, x/26, xi/38, xii/42 Photo shoot, The [Sence/Soar], ii/26 Picos de Europa, The, ii/60 Profile Allan, Penny - World champion with a smile, v/28 Chelmsford Canoe Club - The history of marathon racing, vii/31 Davey, Sue - Banking executive is top world surfing prospect, viii/29 Freshwater, Clive - The man who saved the Spey, ix/43 Harker, Lesley - About to become kayak surfing’s first mistress! xi/29 Macdonald, Steve - Rising to the challenges, xii/39 Ringwood Canoe Club - We have no macho members yet i/22 Thomas, Tim - Double world champion plans to keep moving, ii/33 Tickle, Tony - Behind the shutters and terminals, vi/19 West Yorkshire Canoe Club - 40 years young this spring, iv/26 Wharton, Sue - 18 hours/day, 7 days/week. Aren’t I lucky? iii/45 Wolverhampton Canoe Club - A phoenix risen from the ashes, x/25 Rainforest Racing [Telom], viii/14 Rescue equipment attitudes, v/30 Rise and rise of Shaun Baker, The, viii/47 River living trip, vi/8, vii/24, viii/24, ix/22, x/18, xi/22, xii/20 Road to Coach, The, vi/56 Rodeo, ix/17 Rodeo training, iv/21, v/46 Seven go canoeing [Barle], iii/20 Sit down, you’re rocking the boat [Espritu Santu Island], ii/47 Somerfield SpARKs Canoe Challenge, The [British coast], ix/41, x/9, xi/9, xii/10 Southwest sea touring guides competition, x/23 Still not rich or famous, ix/14 Symposia, vi/49, viii/41 Test Boots White Water Rapid Wash - As foamy as your local river, iv/33 Camping Gaz Trek 270 - The first flameless camping stove, xi/21 Dagger Edisto and Apostle - For touring rather than just pottering, xii/26 Feathercraft Khatsalano-S - A fully transportable sea kayak, i/46 Green Designs Gaia, Phil, - Amazonia on Thames or a Thamesside bayou, i/47 Green Slime’s Mini Target Bag and Expedition Bag - What could be safer? viii/32 Grey Owl Spindrift - Quiet, effortless paddling, xii/27 KC Kayak Cradles - Conforming to the shape of your kayak, vi/17 KC Kayak Trolley - Well thought out for sea kayaks and more, v/37 KCS Straps - A solution looking for problems, ix/27 Mega Jester Storm - Better for messy British surf, viii/31 Mountain Safety Research Multi-Fuel Stove XGK-II - Designed to avoid previous failures, iii/49 Nookie Paddling Trousers and Semi Dry Cags - Why pay for excessive quality? vii/50 North Face, North Cape and Trax paddling clothing - Keeping out the cold and wet, ii/42 Oakley Eyejackets - Fashionable and functional, i/49 P&H Capella - This one makes my shortlist, viii/33 Playboater Cutaway and Palm Dry or Semi Dry Trousers - An alternative to the traditional longjohn, vi/16 Pyranha Stunt 300 - Roomy but livelier than the Mountain 300, iv/33 Pyranha Surf Jet 305 - Performance options for all the family, vii/47 Robson Paddles - The best you can get? ii/44 Rogue and Pendle Leisure Group Fleeces - Keeping warm this winter, xii/25 Rogue Warm Sox and Dry Sox - For where you can’t wear other footwear, ix/29 Rolling Float - Instant assistance when all else fails, v/38 Rough Stuff Super Continental - New paddles able to take the knocks, vi/18 Safe Water - Essential safety equipment, iv/33 Sony SPK-TRA and Ortleib Aqua-zoom and Protect - Keeping water out of video and still cameras, iii/48 Smith Sunglasses - Restyled for active outdoor use, ix/28 Thermodynamic Comfort - Forget warmth; enjoy the dryness, vii/49 TideComp - A computer program to calculate the tides, v/39 Tyrone Peterborough - Goodbye to double hernias, iii/50 3 men in a boat [E Anglia], iv/18 Touring, i/44, iv/48, vii/51, viii/46, ix/21, x/17, xi/18 Traditional canoes, x/28 25th birthday trip for Morris [W Ireland], iii/22 Two’s Company competition, iii/17 Around the world and along the Tweed, x/20 Flat dogs and Englishmen [Lake Kariba], xii/28 Gone fishing! xi/27 Monologue for two voices, A [S Devon coast], viii/26 Paddling with killer whales (hiding from bears) [Vancouver coast], ix/24 Two became three [Cele], vii/26 Tynddol [Wye/Ystwyth/Marteg], i/53 Undercurrents i/7, ii/7, iii/7, iv/8, v/9, vi/8, vii/9, viii/7, ix/7, x/7, xi/8, xii/8 Unrun Indian gems, ix/47 Up the creek, i/53, ii/7, iii/21, iv/9, v/9, vi/12, vii/53, viii/25, xi/37, xii/9 Wet weekend in Amsterdam, A, ix/48 World Tour, The, i/50 What canoeing is really all about [Kali Gandaki], vii/29 Why not to wear a woolly hat in a kayak [E Midlands], i/18 Why the River Teme is a full length public navigation, ii/40 Year of the dragon, v/27 Zona de Bomba! [Chile], vi/14
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ii/35 Rocon Plastics Standard - Aiming for the middle ground, ii/33 St John Ambulance Breath of Life Course - Irresponsible not to take part, xi/36 Sea Wing - Useful for a group but not for self-rescue, vi/29 Skyblazer XLT Flares - The best flares of their type for paddlers, v/32 Surfins and Tiki Webbs - Do you needa little helping hand?, iv/30 Thermarest Mattress & Seat - more compact camping mattress also a chair, vii/31 Times Electronic World Map & Database - Explore the world for only £45, i/15 Tyrone White Guide - For the paddler who has everything, v/31 Three down, one to go [Cauvery, Euphrates, Nile, Danube], viii/10 3 months BC, iii/10 Touring, i/41, vii/24, viii/42, ix/23, x/60, xi/26, xii/53 Traditional canoes, xi/27 Travels of a Greek god [Dalsland], ix/12 25 years ranked in slalom, ix/36 Undercurrents, i/7, ii/6, iii/6, iv/7, v/7, vi/9, vii/7, viii/7, ix/7, x/7, xi/6, xii/6 Up the creek, v/52, vi/45, vii/30, viii/57, ix/19, x/45, xi/69, xii/60 Visit National Trust properties by canoe, ix/25 Waterside in April, The, iv/58 Waterside in February, The, ii/68 Waterside in January, The, i/20 Waterside in July, the, vii/51 Waterside in June, The, vi/36 Waterside in March, The, iii/59 Waterside in May, The, v/52 Waterside in November, The, xi/31 Waterside in October, The, x/37 Waterside in September, The, ix/41 Were we hallucinating? [Malta], iii/55 White water swimming, iv/46 Why Wings work, v/25 Win one of 4 canoes, viii/33, ix/33 Wipi Kite, The, iii/45 Woodmill slalom site, xii/27 World Slalom Championships 1995, ix/6 World Tour, The, i/28, ii/14, iii/16, iv/29, v/11, vi/11, vii/18, viii/28, ix/28, x/14, xi/10, xii/28 Your chance to win a Zodiac watersports watch, iii/52